Coronavirus had gone home via Gorakhpur on his way back from Delhi after joining six Tablighi Jamati Markaz found corona positive in Maharajganj.
Coronavirus had gone home via Gorakhpur on his way back from Delhi after joining six Tablighi Jamati Markaz found corona positive in Maharajganj.

Gorakhpur, JNN. Six Tabligi Jamati, found corona positive in Maharajganj, had gone home via Gorakhpur while returning from Delhi after joining Markaj. On 21 March, a batch of 21 hoarders reached Gorakhpur railway station at 2:40 am on the day of Kamakhya Express. From here, he had left for Maharajganj by a Jamati riding car and roadways bus.

Can administer

After the details of the journey of the Jamaatis came to light, the Gorakhpur district administration has come to the fore. The Jamaati, found positive, after landing at the railway station, Kovid-19 team of police has been deployed to find out where and where they had met. With the help of the mobile phone call detail and tower location of the policemen, the police team is engaged in the investigation.

Gorakhpur arrives by train from Delhi

Many corona positives have been found among those who joined the Markaj of Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin, Delhi. They are being searched and tested all over the country. A large number of people of Tabligi Jamaat from Maharajganj district also went to join Markaj. Among these 21 group of jams came to Gorakhpur while returning from Delhi by train. Six deposits of this batch have been found to be corona positive.

Police searching for footage of CCTV cameras

Police’s Kovid-19 team is scanning footage of CC TV cameras installed outside the station premises and outside the station to ascertain the movements of the deposited positives after leaving the railway station. Along with that, the call details and tower location of that day have also been removed. An attempt is being made to find out what was his activity after exiting the railway station. By what means did they leave to go home? How many people were boarding the train with which they went to Maharajganj? After coming out of the station did he go to any shop or got the means to go to Maharajganj?

A jamati was found positive in Gorakhpur for one and a half hours

A Jamati hailing from Kolhui area of ​​Maharajganj, who was found to be corona positive, had stayed in Gorakhpur for one and a half hours after coming out of the railway station. The tower location of his mobile phone is found in Alinagar of Kotwali area. The administrative staff is very upset about this. An attempt is being made to find out why the said Jamati stayed in Gorakhpur for one and a half hours and if he had gone to Alinagar, whom he had met there. Her son denied having any kinship or acquaintance in Alinagar when he tried to contact her by phone. It is said that even from Dharamshala market, sometimes the tower location of mobile phone takes hold of Alinagar, but after talking to Jamati, it will be clear whether he went to Alinagar or not. To test this, Gorakhpur police is taking the help of police of Kolhui police station in Maharajganj district.

A sample of the colony suspect Corona, double investigation

There were a total of 39 investigations related to corona on Sunday at the Regional Medical Research Center (RMRC) at Gorakhpur Medical College, in which a sample of the settlement was screen positive (suspected). He has been re-examined. The rest are negative. In 85 investigations conducted on Saturday, two samples of the settlement were found positive, the rest were negative. One of the two specimens was of a young man from Gorakhpur, the city’s first corona-infected case. As the number of corona infected people increases, the number of samples coming in has also increased. Dr. Ashok Pandey, media incharge of RMRC said that the number of samples is increasing continuously. Four more people have been trained with this view. So that the incoming samples can be tested quickly.

Investigation done on saturday

Maharajganj – 41

Basti – 17

Kushinagar – 05

Gorakhpur – 04

Siddharthnagar – 07

Ayodhya – 11

Investigation on sunday

Basti – 24

Deoria – 14

Azamgarh – 01

Courtsey: jagran.com


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