President Trump's Corona Test again, where he is again found negative.
President Trump's Corona Test again, where he is again found negative.

Washington, ANI. US President Donald Trump’s redone corona test, in which he has been found negative again. News agency AFP has informed about this. Donald Trump was also tested last month. In which they were also found negative. Giving information about himself, Trump had told that he too has got corona virus tested. Where then, doctors at the White House told that his test turned out to be negative. Let me tell you that Trump, after meeting the Brazilian officials, was on the target of the US media for not conducting the test. The officers whom Trump met were virus positive. Due to this, Trump had done his test and now where he was tested again after regular days, in which he has come back negative.

US President Donald Trump announces he tested negative on new #coronavirus test:
In fact, in early March, Trump met with Brazilian President Jer Bolsonaro and his press secretary, Fabio Wagengarten, at a resort in Florida. Wagengarten’s test positive came back after returning to Brazil, while Bolsonaro’s test came negative. Trump had said about this at a press conference at the White House that I had not said that I would not do this test, it would be too soon.

Trump had then told that I had dinner with the President of Brazil. We both sat close to each other for two hours. However, his test has come negative. Earlier this week, White House press secretary Stephanie Greissam said the president had no need to get the virus tested, because he had neither been in contact with such a person nor had such symptoms. The press secretary said that Trump is completely healthy and the doctors are monitoring his health.

Dangerous situation in America

Corona virus continues to wreak havoc in America. The epidemic killed more than a thousand people in a single day. News agency AFP quoted Johns Hopkins University as saying that 1159 people died in a day in the US. With this, the death toll has crossed five thousand. Things are getting frightening due to corona infection. About 26,000 people fell prey to the virus in a single day, due to which the number of infected people in the country has crossed two lakh 15 thousand.


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