Orders to shoot down lockdown violators in Coronavirus Philippines
Orders to shoot down lockdown violators in Coronavirus Philippines

Manila, Reuters. Many countries of the world have announced a lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in many countries of the world including India. However, people are not deterred from violating the lockdown. Now the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has issued a strict warning to those who violate the lockdown. He has instructed the army and the police to shoot down the lives of others.

President Rodrigo Duterte has taken this stern stand after people have not complied with the lockdown and reports of mistreatment by health workers. He warned those violating the lockdown that it is necessary for everyone to follow the rules of lockdown and quarantine. Creating problems in lockdown and misbehaving with medical staff is a serious offense that cannot be tolerated. He said that those who endanger the lives of others should be shot.

President Duterte said in his message on television that home quarantine was being done to prevent the spread of corona virus. In such a situation, if any citizen violates the rules, then the army and police instruct me to shoot those causing problems. The President said that the situation is getting worse. The authorities are working to stop the pressure on the health system from increasing. In such a situation, people should cooperate with the officers instead of creating problems. Those who follow the rules of lockdown are allowed to shoot at those who tamper with it.

In fact, people protested in Manila on Wednesday against the system of government food aid. Subsequently, several protesters were arrested. After this, President Duterte called it a major crime to mistreat health workers and confuse the authorities and issue orders to shoot the trouble makers. It is noteworthy that 2,311 cases of corona virus have been confirmed while 96 people have died. Not only this, for the last three weeks, there has been a rapid increase in the number of infections.

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