The lockdown will continue till May 3 to prevent fatal virus infection but after 20 April some sectors have been allowed to function. Learn here
The lockdown will continue till May 3 to prevent fatal virus infection but after 20 April some sectors have been allowed to function. Learn here

New Delhi, ANI. The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Wednesday issued revised guidelines as part of the central government’s efforts to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. In this, the date of 20th May 2020 has been revised to 20th April 2020. These guidelines have been issued to all Ministries / Departments, Government of India, State / Union Territory Governments. The Ministry of Home Affairs, which has been allowed to work after April 20, has told them to stay and eat in a building within or close to the office, following the physical distance rules for the employees working here. Make proper arrangements for it.

According to the directive issued for the management of this deadly infection, it is mandatory to wear face cover at all public places, workplaces. Under this, after 20 April, bank branches and ATMs, IT vendors working for banks have been allowed. ATM operation and cash management agencies have been allowed to work.

According to the guidelines released today to increase the lockdown in the country, swimming pools, theaters, bars, gyms, shopping malls, cinema halls, etc. will remain closed till May 3. All educational and training institutions will also remain in place till 3 May. Apart from this, taxi services and cab services have also not been allowed till 3 May.

After 20 April, they got permission to work

Banks, spares parts, motor mechanic, carpenter, plumber, IT repair, electrician are also allowed to work with insurance companies. Under the instructions issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, social, political and religious events have been allowed with the permission of DM. Apart from this, under the MNREGA, permission has been given to work with all the precautions and rules. The ministry allowed fisheries-related activities and the opening of mandis operated by APMC. Apart from this, travel is also allowed for essential services.

The already opened petrol pumps will remain operational even further. Print, electronic media, DTH and cable services will also continue. Traffic to trucks is allowed with certain conditions. Permission has also been granted to start all agriculture-related works.

Spitting in public places will be fined

After April 20, those who are allowed to work will have to take full precaution and work has been allowed to follow the rules. Spitting in public places will attract a fine. With domestic and international flights, all types of transport will be stopped till 3 May. At the same time, no discounts will be given in hot-spot areas.


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