Corona pandemic
Corona pandemic

The corona epidemic is increasing all over the world. For the first time in the world, a record one million corona patients increased in simply 100 hours. Due to this, the total worldwide figure of contaminated people has crossed 14 million. The death toll has likewise crossed 6 lakh. More than 70 thousand new infected were discovered for the 2nd consecutive day in the United States most affected by the epidemic in the world.

Unexpected surge in data

The first case of corona was reported in China in early January. After this, it took three months for the number of victims of the virus to turn into one million. On 13 July last, the variety of infected individuals reached the level of one crore 30 lakhs, whereas in just 4 days this number increased to one crore 40 lakhs. Here, infection is spreading quickly in most of the provinces of America

70 thousand 674 new cases in America.

70 thousand 674 new cases were discovered in the US on Friday. A day earlier, a record 77 thousand 499 new victims were discovered. On an average, 57 thousand brand-new cases are being discovered daily in the US this month. California, Florida and Texas are becoming the brand-new center of the epidemic. While healthcare facilities in Alabama, Georgia, Montana, North Carolina and South Carolina are reported to have actually admitted a record variety of clients on Friday.

Things are even worse in Brazil

The total variety of cases in America surpassed 37 lakh 70 thousand. More than one lakh 42 thousand have passed away. Things are likewise worsening in Brazil. The variety of corona patients in this Latin American nation has actually increased to 20 lakh 50 thousand. Nearly 78 thousand have actually also died.

China’s infection increased in Xinjiang

Corona infection is starting to spread out in the western region of China. The National Health Commission said on Saturday that 16 new cases were found in the Xinjiang area in the last 24 hr. In view of the shift, motion in the area has actually been strictly restricted. Prior to this, a second round epidemic was discovered in the capital Beijing. More than 330 victims were discovered here.

Trump stated, I will not give orders to wear masks

President Donald Trump stated he would not order US people to use masks for the prevention of the Corona epidemic. Individuals need to have flexibility. Earlier, Dr. Antony Fasi, a top expert on transmittable diseases in the US federal government, interested all states to make masks required. “I do not agree with such a statement,” Trump stated in an interview to Fox News. Fasi has actually warned that if such needed steps are not required to avoid infection, the number of brand-new everyday cases in the country might soon cross one lakh.

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A look at these countries

Mexico: 7,257 new cases, the total number of victims increased to three lakh 31 thousand. So far, 38 thousand 310 have actually also died.

Pakistan: In the last 24 hr, 1,918 new cases were discovered, the number of contaminated people increased to two lakh 61 thousand. While five thousand 522 have actually passed away.

Australia: New cases have actually declined in the province of Victoria. 217 brand-new cases were found on Saturday. A day previously, 428 new cases were found.

Britain: Due to the finding of 697 brand-new patients, the variety of victims has actually increased to 2.93 million. So far, more than 45 thousand victims have actually died.

Nepal: With the confirmation of 57 brand-new cases in this Himalayan nation, the total number of infected people has actually increased to 17 thousand 502. 40 of these have passed away.


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