Corona Vaccine
Corona Vaccine

Russia provides to share vaccine innovation, more efficient than other countries

Russia’s Gamalaya Institute of Public Health and Microbiology, which claims to produce a more reliable corona vaccine than western nations, has offered to share its innovation. This statement is being seen in the context of Britain’s allegations. On Thursday, the UK National Cyber Security Center stated that Russian hackers were attempting to steal the Corona vaccine innovation from laboratories in the UK, US and Canada. Russia called it rubbish.

Alexander Ginsberg, head of Gamalaya, stated, ‘Russian technology is rare. It has been patented. I can say with the claim that it is more effective than western countries. The world will appreciate our immunization scheme, will borrow from us.’ They likewise stated that they want to share the vaccine data with peers in the West. This is the technology that Russia has been developing for a number of corona infections for 25 years. Let us understand that the medical trial of Gamalaya vaccine is already going on in 2 institutions of Russia.

In addition to Gamalia, the World Health Organization has placed 22 other organizations on its watch list, which might be allowed to go into mass production after completing all three phases of medical trials. Meanwhile, the Russian pharmaceutical company R Farms has actually signed a deal to make the British Corona vaccine. According to the offer, Oxford University’s vaccine will develop R-Farms in Russia. The company has tied up with Astra Zeneca. When the UK, US and Canada have accused Russian hackers of stealing information from a vaccine trial, the deal comes at a time.

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Meanwhile, the vaccine at the Imperial College in London has actually reached the second round of trials on human beings. Scientists say that the vaccine has actually shown excellent results in the very first phase. Not just this, no adverse effects have actually been seen up until now. In the second phase of the trial, 105 people will be given vaccine dosages. At the same time, phase-3 trial of Corona’s suspended vaccine has actually started in UAE. The Chinese company claims that antibodies established in 100% of the people after providing dosages of this vaccine twice within 28 days.


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