There is a lockdown in the country. In such a situation, people are walking 40–40 km to Anand Vihar to reach the houses.
There is a lockdown in the country. In such a situation, people are walking 40–40 km to Anand Vihar to reach the houses.

New Delhi, Jagran Correspondent. On Saturday, the massacre at Anand Vihar bus stand broke the nationwide lockdown caused by CoronaVirus. Wherever the bus is being seen from the bus stand, only the people can be seen. All the lockdown arrangements are completely broken here. The silence surrounding the lockdown has been turned into an uproar by the crowd of people. Everyone is running away People are running from where information about bus going to such area is running. Although thermal screening was arranged here, many kilometers of long lines were installed.

Long queue visible

The lockdown flag was not flying at Anand Vihar alone. Rather, long queues of people were seen all the way to Anand Vihar. Be it NH-Nine, Road No. 57, Kondli Canal Road and other routes, people hang bags, carry sacks on their heads and continue to accompany children and women.

Horrifying pictures surfaced

In the midst of a lockdown, the battle between Corona Voice being fought, such a frenzied picture of how such a corona would be contained and what the condition of the corona virus infection would be where the crowd would go.

This migration has been going on for the last three days

The migration of migrant laborers has been going on for the last three days. However, on Saturday the number increased manifold. In fear, hunger and uncertainty of the future, people are leaving Delhi and surrounding areas and returning to their villages. Earlier some people started returning to their villages on foot, but due to the bus walking for two days, the situation is becoming uncontrollable. Continuation of people is going on.

Anand Vihar walking 40-40 km

People kept coming throughout the night on Friday. Since Saturday morning, the process of coming to Anand Vihar continued to grow and by the afternoon, it became difficult to count the crowd. People were walking 40-40 kilometers to reach Anand Vihar. People arriving here told that they had come to know that buses are being run from Anand Vihar to many districts of UP.

Thermal Screening System

Therefore, they have left for the bus base in a hurry to reach home. On reaching here, they came to know that the buses were being run not from the Anand Vihar bus stand but from the Kaushambi bus stand on the other side of the road. Then all these people started going towards Kaushambi bus stand. But after some time, Delhi Police put them in line here. Because thermal screening was arranged. Due to which, a line was established more than one kilometer from Kaushambi As base to Anand Vihar Bus Adde. During this time, two lines of passengers were connected from the foot over bridge connecting Anand Vihar and Kaushambi bus stand to Anand Vihar underpass and petrol pump on the other side. The crowd was in the thousands which was taking time for the screening, for which the passengers had to wait in line for two to three hours. Then he got admission in the bus stand after the screening.

Police personnel engaged in making arrangements

A large number of Delhi Police personnel, present in large numbers, were busy in making arrangements outside the Delhi Vihar Bus Stand. During this time women policemen were also present. At the same time, the policemen continued to take all the passengers in turn for thermal screening.

Courtsey: jagran.com


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