Eye Care Tips during Work From Home
Eye Care Tips during Work From Home

Work From Home Tips on Eye Care

Digital Eye Strain

Watching favorite movie at home or working with large project on Computer. Technology plays a huge role in all facets of our daily lives. Digital displays are now a consistent part of our daily work. They are also one of the largest culprits when it concerns Digital eye pressure. Dry eyes, tiredness, and also focusing problem can all be indications that you’re experiencing digital eye stress. Although, people can not minimize amount of time they spends on digital displays, they can alter how they use them to additionally avoid these signs and symptoms. When using screens for job or for leisure, these simple tips can boost your health and wellness.

Work From Home at the time of Corona Virus Epidemic

In the time of corona virus epidemic, it has become a common practice to spend more and more time at home than just going out for essential tasks. While some of us still have the convenience of working from home, there are many people who have to go to office amidst the fear of this epidemic.

People who have been working from home for 5-6 months continuously, their screen time has doubled. This means that they are using laptops, computers, mobiles and TVs more than ever, which is a worrying matter. In addition, the risk of fatal viral infections is hovering over our heads. With it getting new information about symptoms and complications every day, if our body has even a slight problem, we often find ourselves thinking about the corona virus.

Drying or itching of eyes has become common due to increased screen time. This problem has also become common among people working from home after pain in the neck and shoulders. Some people start worrying that it may not be a symptom of Covid-19.

Are red eyes with itching a sign of Covid-19?

Itching or redness of the eyes is not listed in any health agency with WHO as a symptom of Covid-19. However, in flu-like symptoms such as a cold or cough, you may feel burning or redness in the eyes. This happens because the body parts are interconnected.

However, if there is dryness, itching, or redness in your eyes, then the corona virus is more likely to be replaced by tiredness and excessive work. If you are feeling like this, then you can try these home remedies for eye strain to ease your eyes.

Clean your eyes with cold water- If there is a burning sensation in the eyes, wash with cold water, because it can be caused by dust or anything that has gone into your eyes. Wash eyes several times with cold water and then wipe. Do not mistake the eyes, they may become red.

Take a break from the screen for a while – if your eyes are feeling heavy, stay away from the screen for a while. Stay away from your phone, TV and laptop too. Go to your balcony or terrace and look around for some time and do exercises related to the eyes.

Cold compress – If you have itching or dryness with red eyes, then apply cold compress on the eyes for few minutes. This will bring moisture to your eyes and will also feel cold-cold, which will relieve tiredness.

Tea Bag- If you have such problem related to eyes often, always keep Tea bag in your freezer. Whenever itching or burning is felt, keep a Tea bag on the eyes for some time.

Exercises – Some eye exercises that you can do at home regularly.

Eye drop – Apart from home remedy, you can also use eye drops . It will relieve itching, redness, or with the removal of dryness in your eyes.

Disclaimer: The suggestions and tips are for general information purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. In such a situation, if the problem is increasing, then please consult your doctor.



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