How to prevent Bird flu
The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued an advisory in the wake of the growing bird flu havoc in 6 states of the country.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued an advisory in the wake of the growing bird flu havoc in 6 states of the country. According to the WHO, if eating chicken, keep in mind that it should be well cooked. Cooking the chicken at 70 ° C kills the bird flu virus. Know what the WHO instructed to avoid bird flu.

Protect yourself from them,

WHO says, its cases are found only in humans working in slaughterhouses and coming in contact with sick chickens. Try to protect yourself from them. Bird flu virus (H5N1) is known to spread serious infections. It causes respiratory diseases in birds. This is called avian influenza.

What is bird flu virus?

It is also called avian influenza virus. The most common virus of bird flu is named H5N1. It is a dangerous virus that can infect humans and other animals with birds. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), H5N1 was discovered in 1997. Death occurs in 60% of cases when infected with this virus.

How does the virus spread in humans and when did the first case occur?

There are many viruses of bird flu, but H5N1 is the first virus that infected humans. The first case of infection was revealed in Hong-Kong in 1997. The virus spread to humans through infected chickens. Since 2003, the virus started spreading in Asia, Europe and Africa, including China. In 2013, the case of human infection also came to light in China.

According to the WHO, this virus usually does not infect humans, but in some countries there have been cases where the infection has spread to humans. Its virus is commonly found in water-dwelling ducks, but it spreads rapidly in the form of chickens. The virus spreads to humans due to contact with infected chickens or its feces and urine.

Who can get a bird flu infection?

This virus remains in the body for an extended period of time when infection occurs. The virus stays in it for 10 days when an infection occurs in birds. It keeps coming out in the form of feces and saliva. Infection can occur on touching or contacting it.

How to detect a virus?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has designed an influenza A / H5 virus real-time RT-PCR test to detect the virus in an infected human. Report takes 4 hours to arrive. Although this test is not available worldwide.

Doctors usually examine the patient’s white blood cells and take a sample from the nose to check for the virus. Apart from this, the chests do X-rays and also check the sound coming out of breath.

The symptoms of different viruses of bird flu can also be different. Depending on the symptoms, treatment varies. Usually treated with antiviral drugs.

Chicken markets closed

Bird flu has raised concern across the country. So far this has been confirmed in 6 states. More than 84 thousand 775 birds have died in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Kerala. In many cities, the price of chicken has fallen from 30 to 50 rupees per kg, so in many places the precautionary markets have been closed. After the case in Madhya Pradesh, chicken shops had to be closed in Indore, Ujjain. At the same time, the prices of chicken and eggs have also come down in many cities including Jaipur, Ajmer, Ranchi, Varanasi.


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