After the World Health Organization stopped funding from the US, a lot is being said about the move on Twitter. Some are in support of Trump and some are in opposition.
After the World Health Organization stopped funding from the US, a lot is being said about the move on Twitter. Some are in support of Trump and some are in opposition.

Washington The United States has been calling the World Health Organization bad for the last few days. Now President Trump has announced a moratorium on the funds to be given to the organization. Anger can be clearly seen in Americans. When President Trump gave information about this by tweeting about the funding stoppage of WHO, the reaction of people started on it. But before telling these reactions, let us tell you the real reason for this dispute.

In fact, the biggest reason for America’s wrath is the statement of the organization’s director general, in which he praised China’s government for the preparations made to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Even then, in some statements made to the organization, the Chinese government was appreciated for the measures taken by China. Subsequently, the US President accused the Director General of WHO of bias.

The US President alleged that WHO has become China-centric with the worldwide corona epidemic. He said that we are going to stop the money being paid to WHO. Trump was informed of this during a conversation with reporters at the White House. He also said that the United States gives the most funds to the organization. Even after this, the steps taken by the organization till now were wrong. He said that the organization is constantly criticizing us. Not only this, when the visits were banned, the director general of the organization condemned the move, it seems that they have become China-centric.

Not only this, he even said that the organization had a lot of information but he did not give us complete information. Let me tell you that an American cinematographer had even demanded to investigate such statements of the Director General. This series was continued continuously for the last few days. While China was using the statements of the organization in its own right, the US was taking it as an attack on China. Now after the announcement to stop funding the organization, many people have attacked President Trump for the outbreak of the virus.

In response to President Trump’s tweet, China Daily’s Bureau Chief Chen Weihua wrote on his Twitter handle that the US has taken such a step only to divert the world’s attention. They know that they have failed to stop the corona virus outbreak. Americans are hurt because of the steps taken by the President. If the United States had taken steps to understand the warning given by the World Health Organization two months ago, it would not have seen such days today. He has also written that Trump should read these warnings.

Mia Farrow wrote on her Twitter handle that we all know that Peter Navarro had given all the information about it in January itself. But the government still failed to take the right steps. As a result, today more than 12 thousand people have died in the US due to this.

One user Nick Jack wrote that all this is a lie. The World Health Organization announced a health emergency in the world on 30 January and the President halted visits on 31 January. Trump first reported about the disease on 18 January. In this he considered it dangerous. After this, on January 22, President Trump publicly disclosed this and said that everything is under control.

Eugene, CEO of Cool Quite Company, wrote in his tweet that the WHO has not lied but the President has lied. The US had sent a large quantity of medicines and protective equipment to China and kept nothing for itself. The action taken for the time and humanity was right, but because of that now the American has no means of rescue, this is also a truth. He wrote in another tweet that the CDC believed that something bad could happen in America due to this virus which would change the life here. This was considered by everyone except the President. Even after this, the President kept calling it flu.

The President is now blaming his mistakes on WHO. Senior writer Willie wrote in response to President Trump’s tweet that you can take these steps, not China. Economist David Ruthchild wrote on his Twitter handle that more than four million people emigrated from China to the US after the Corona virus began and travel was banned.

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