Onion Oil
Onion Oil

Onion juice is considered quite helpful as an anti-hair fall/ hair growth representative. It has been used as a natural home remedy for loss of hair control for years. House Remedies for Hair Issues are considered reliable for hair issues. The primary aspect in Onion Juice is sulfur, which can assist to promote hair growth. Onion juice likewise supplies micro nutrients such as vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6 and potassium. Onion Benefits For Hair is a simple natural home remedy. Onion juice also has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory residential or commercial properties.
Using onion juice to the hair and scalp can increase the blood supply to the hair follicles, which leads to better hair development. Onion juice can also be handy in avoiding premature bleaching of hair. There are numerous mixes in the market for onion juice. These can be creams, hair oils, hair shampoos. It is best to use fresh onion juice for hair.

How to prepare onion juice. How To Prepare Onion Juice

Peel and grind the onion in a grinder. Sieve with a screen through a muslin cloth. Store in a tidy dry container.

Keep these things in mind

– Those who dislike onion, do not try to use onion juice on the scalp.

– Onion juice can trigger inflammation to hair, so it is better to blend it with soothing agents such as Aloe Vera / coconut oil / honey.

– Reactions can take place in between onion juice and medicines, for example aspirin.

Make onion hair mask. Make Onion Hair Mask

Add one teaspoon of honey to two teaspoons of extracted onion juice. This mask can be applied 15-20 minutes before washing your hair. It can help to make hair shafts and shine by promoting hair growth. It likewise reduces inflammation on the scalp, decreases dandruff or any skull infection.

Onion juice can be mixed with castor oil
Mix the very same amount of castor oil and onion juice and use it on the scalp one hour before bathing. Since both the components assist in hair development and it likewise has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is an outstanding combination.


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