Happy Onam 2020
Happy Onam 2020

The Onam festival is the major festival of the southern Indian state of Kerala. Onam is a 10-day festival in Kerala. According to the Malayalam calendar, Shravan Nakshatra is known as Thiru Onam. On this day, when this Nakshatra prevails, Thiru Onam is worshiped. The last day of Onam lasting 10 days is very special. Onam festival is worshiped in different ways for 10 days which is as follows – 1. Etham 2. Chithira 3. Chodhi 4. Visakam 5. Anizam 6.thriketa 7. Moolam 8. Pooradam 9. Uthiradam 10. Thiruvonam .

On the 10 days of Onam i.e. Thiruvonam, King Mahabali comes to meet the subjects of his kingdom. On this day, all the townspeople decorate their houses with flowers and prepare good dishes to welcome their king.

Onam 2020: Onam of Kerala society on 31 August, no mass organizing

On the occasion of this festival, congratulate your close ones, friends, relatives and family members on Onam.

Decorate your house with a flower rangoli,
enjoy delicious dishes,
welcome King Mahabali with great pomp, enjoy
this festival with the whole family.
Happy Onam 2020

Onam, new light should come in your life,
new avenues of progress are opened,
happiness will settle in your life forever.
Wishing you and your family lots of Onam.
Happy Onam 2020

On the auspicious occasion of Onam, bring
happiness in your life,
good health and happiness and prosperity, many wishes
to you and your whole family
Happy Onam 2020

Onam new light comes in your life,
new paths of progress should open,
happiness will settle in your life forever.
Wishing you and your family lots of Onam.
Happy Onam 2020

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Why Onam is celebrated

The legend of Onam celebrates the festival of Onam by all the townspeople in the state to welcome their king Mahabali when they visit the city. King Bali was a devotee of Lord Vishnu even as Asuraj. It is believed that once a year, King Bali from the Hades comes to the earth to meet his subjects. On this day he is welcomed with the worship of Vamana avatar and King Bali.

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