Onam 2020
Onam 2020

Ayyappa temple will help 10 poor people. The song music concert to be held at the reception of Raja Bali with Gajebaje will not be held this time due to Corona transition. In the houses, people of the society will make a Rangoli of flowers and welcome King Bali and prepare a dish.

Preparations have started in the houses regarding this biggest festival of Kerala society to be held on 31 August. Jenson James, president of Lucknow Kerala Samajam, said that the festival will be celebrated on 31st, but there will be no mass events. The people of Kerala society will decorate the Rangoli, cook the dish and welcome King Bali, who comes to earth. Will worship for happiness and prosperity. Every year a few days after Onam, Onam cultural celebrations and mass feast celebrations have been celebrated by the society in Gomti Nagar, but this time the mass celebrations will not be held.

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Jarnadan Nambiar, president of the Ayyappa temple in Gomtinagar, said that a special ritual is performed by giving gifts to 10 poor people. Onam is believed to have been King Bali, the king of Kerala. His subjects were very happy and happy. He had no problem of any kind. Jenson James of Kerala society reported that King Bali was Mahadani. All three people were in his possession. During this time Lord Vishnu brought an avatar of Vamana. He had asked for land in three steps from King Bali. In three steps he took his kingdom from King Bali. Also saved them. It is believed that every year King Bali comes to meet and see his subjects and on this occasion, the festival of Onam is celebrated. On Onam, people decorate their homes and cook different kinds of food. All this is offered to King Bali. Onam is celebrated not only in the joy of the arrival of King Bali but also in the joy of the arrival of a new crop.

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