History Today (Image - manning live)
History Today (Image - manning live)

Today in History:Star Tracks, which aired for the first time in the US 54 years ago, became the world’s largest media franchise; Today also World Literacy Day

If you are a science-fiction fan, then you must know about Star Tracks. The series started in 1966 on the American channel NBC is still moving forward. It is considered one of the most popular brands in the American entertainment industry.

This TV show was designed keeping in mind the inventions of the 23rd century. The United Federation of Planets created the starship USS Enterprise, whose crew carried the show’s story forward on Adventures of Members.

In addition to the original series of Star Tracks, there are nine spin-off TV series and a film franchise of 6 films. Different adaptations occurred in many media. The newest Star Tracks came in 2017, including Star Tracks: Discovery, Picard, Short Tracks and the Lower Dex Series. It is streamed on a digital platform. Two more TV series are still being made – Star Tracks: Strange New Worlds and Star Tracks: Prodigy.

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President Ford forgives Nixon

It is the most interesting anecdote in American history. Proclamation 4311 was issued by Gerald R. Ford, the 38th President of the United States. In it, to this day, in 1974, Richard Nixon was forgiven for the crimes committed in his role as US President. Nixon resigned from his post in August 1974.

He is the only president in American history to resign. The impeachment proceedings against her began in view of her role in the Watergate scandal. This apology was also disputed. Many experts believe that this proved Ford’s incompetence and that is why he lost the election two years later.

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Alegaon blast occurred 14 years ago

On September 8, 2006, about 14 years ago, there was a blast in Malegaon in Nashik district. Initially Maharashtra’s Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) accused Simi. The CBI also confirmed the same claim. However, the case was overturned when the investigation went to the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

The chargesheet filed in 2013 by the NIA accused Abhinav Bharat Group. Four people were accused. More than 37 people were killed in this accident. There was also a blast in 2008 in Malegaon, in which 8 people were killed.

History of September 8 is also known for these events

1271: Selection of John XXI as Pope.
1320: Ghazi Malik becomes the Sultan of Delhi.
1449: Battle of Tumu Fort – Mongolia holds the Emperor of China hostage.
1689: China and Russia sign the Treaty of Neretzinsk (Nirchul).
1926: Music composer, filmmaker Bharat Ratna Bhupen Hazarika was born.
1933: Asha Bhosle, the famous Hindi film singer, was born.
1951: Japan signs a peace deal with 48 countries.
1952: 35 countries including India sign the first World Conference for copyright in Geneva.
1960: Feroze Gandhi, husband of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, passed away.
1962: China infiltrates India’s eastern border.
1966: UNESCO celebrates World Literacy Day for the first time, which is still celebrated today.
1988: Businessman Vijaypat Singhania arrived in Ahmedabad from London with his micro light single engine aircraft.
1991: Republic of Macedonia became independent.
2009: India gave $ 10 million to Russia to build the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov with new facilities.

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