Actor Andrew Jack, who starred in Hollywood films like Star Wars and Batman Begins, died of a corona infection.
Actor Andrew Jack, who starred in Hollywood films like Star Wars and Batman Begins, died of a corona infection.

London, Pratr. Actor Andrew Jack, who worked in Hollywood films like ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Batman Begins’, died due to Corona infection. His agent Jill McCulloge said 76-year-old Jack, who was found positive during an investigation two days ago, died on Tuesday in a UK hospital during treatment. Jack, fond of living a free life, lived in a houseboat on the River Thames.

Condoling the husband’s death, Jack’s wife, Gabriel Rogers, said he did not suffer much. Gabriel Rogers, who lives in Quarantine in Australia, did not even get a chance to say goodbye to Australia in person. This year he was coaching Robert Pattinson for Batman after production stopped in the UK from 14 March. Jack helped Peter Jackson make bids for various fictional languages ​​for the novel, drama, film Wa based ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

American actress Olivia fighting with Corona

21-year-old actress Olivia Nikkainen, who has worked in web series such as ‘The Society’ and ‘Supergirl’, has said that she is fighting a battle against the corona virus. On Tuesday, speaking about her health on Instagram, Olivia said that she was found corona positive during medical examination. She is currently taking the medicine while staying apart in her home. After about two weeks, Olivia, feeling better, said that she was taking plenty of beverages.

Many more actors died of corona virus before

Mark Blum – American actor Mark Blum said goodbye to this world due to Corona infection. Mark, who worked in films such as Sicking Susan, died in New York, one of the cities most affected by the Corona virus in the United States.

Joey Diffie – American singer Joey Diffie has died due to corona virus. Joey is the Grammy Award winning singer. This American singer rocked his songs in the 90s. Joi has died at the age of 61 years.

Terence McNeely – American screenwriter Terence McNeely, who won the Emmy Award, also failed to beat Corona. Terence, writing on romance, died in Florida at the age of 81.

Lucia Bose – Italian actress Lucia Bose also failed to win the battle of Corona. 89-year-old Lucia is remembered for two cult classic films ‘Story of Love Affair’ (1950) and ‘Death of a Crystal’ (1955).

Chef Floyd Kardos – American-Indian celebrity chef Floyd Kardos also succumbed to the corona virus. Mumbai-born Floyd was not only the owner of many restaurants, but also appeared in TV shows.


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