After the spread of corona virus in the world, many countries have tightened their quarantine rules.
After the spread of corona virus in the world, many countries have tightened their quarantine rules.

New Delhi. Millions of people have been quarantined in countries around the world to prevent the corona virus. Despite this, its cases are continuously increasing. One of the biggest reasons for this is that patients are either running away from quarantine or not following it completely. We have also heard reports of such people fleeing the Quarantine Center in many places. This is when rules are very strict about this in many countries. Some countries have even tightened the quarantine rules after being hit by the corona virus. Let’s know in which country are strict about Quarantine.

There have been some changes in the rules after the corona virus hit the US. Under this, if any person who is suffering from it is found at any public place, then he can be prosecuted on charges of spreading terrorism against the country. If the charges against him are proved, he can be imprisoned for life. In the US, the central and state governments have different rules regarding quarantine. The governor of the state has the right under the law to ban people within its limits. At the same time, the federal government can impose such ban only on foreigners.

Following the outbreak of the Corona virus in South Korea, the rules were tightened and the penalties and punishment imposed under it were increased. The amount of fine which was Rs 2 lakh before the outbreak of this virus has now been increased to seven lakh rupees. Apart from this, there is also a provision of punishment for those who disobey the rules of Quarantine.

There are already very strict rules regarding this in Australia. Due to its geographical location, the disease caused in other countries comes here from outside. In such a situation, every person coming from outside on arrival in Australia needs to be informed about what food items they have brought with them. Ignoring this rule, he is fined $ 220. Apart from this, they also have to face criminal prosecution. It has a fine of up to one million dollars and a provision of ten years of imprisonment. It is monitored by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service.

There are three types of quarantine legislation in the Canadian Parliament. One of these is for humans, the other for animals and the third for trees. It was completely remade in 2005. The first of these laws is enforced by the Canada Boarder Service Agency while the second and third laws are enforced by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The first law has been made to prevent diseases spread by humans and the second law to prevent diseases spread by animals. At the same time, the third law is related to saving trees.

In case of any type of health emergency, the Governor has the right to take whatever steps are necessary under the Quarantine Act. Apart from this, all travelers are required to undergo a document or screening related to their health, if required. If the officer suspects that a person or group of people is suffering from some disease and can also make others ill, then the officer can get him or all examined. Can search for and investigate things related to them.

If the boarder service officer feels that the person or group is not answering their questions correctly, then he can also order that person or group to be kept in isolation. The officer also has the right to arrest him without warrant for refusing to go into isolation. In such a situation, the officer can investigate all these irrespectively. On detection of any disease in the investigation, it is also up to the officer to essentially isolate them in the hospital for treatment.

Under the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance in Hong Kong, if the officer fears that any person is suffering from a disease that he can spread to others, he and everything related to it can be seized. The officer can ask for his health report from all the travelers if needed. If any person does not listen to the officer, then the officer can arrest him and can recommend criminal prosecution.

The officer also has the right under the law to send anyone in isolation if he suspects, and to check the things related to them. Not only this, he can also mark a certain scope under Isolation. Apart from this, he is also entitled to order the Civil Aviation Department to prevent the person from boarding or entering the aircraft.

In Italy, quarantine rules have been tightened in the wake of the corona virus. Now the amount of fine on those who break its rules has been increased from 206 euros to three thousand euros. Now this rule also applies to those who roam the road unnecessarily.


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