The 13th season of IPL will not start from April 15, it is not officially clear but this is the truth.
The 13th season of IPL will not start from April 15, it is not officially clear but this is the truth.

New Delhi If the Indian Premier League, or the 13th season of the IPL, does not start soon, then the Indian cricketers will have to face salary cuts. IPL 2020 was supposed to start from March 29, but it was stopped till April 15 due to Corona virus, but now it seems that IPL will not start in April, except in May, because of corona virus cases. Days are getting longer and BCCI officials also agree that a decision on this will be taken after the situation becomes clear.

BCCI sources have said that if IPL is canceled and international cricket does not start soon, then the board will suffer a loss of 2 thousand crores, which will be compensated by deducting players’ salary, including not only international but domestic cricketers too. Are included. BCCI contributes 26 per cent of its earnings to the players. 13 per cent of international level players, while the same percentage is distributed among domestic cricketers.

This will be the loss of the board

A BCCI official has said, “If the institution suffers financial loss, it will certainly impact the salaries of its employees.” In such a situation, there is every possibility of their money being deducted. “According to the BCCI Central Contract, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Jaspreet Bumrah get Rs 7-7 crores, which are in the A Plus category. Whereas, A category 5 crore for players, Rs 3 crore for those from B category, and Rs 1-1 crore for those from C category, while coach Ravi Shastri’s salary of Rs 9 crore for the year Is more.

Apart from the annual agreement, international cricketers get Rs 15 lakh as test match fees, Rs 7 lakh for One Day International and Rs 5 lakh for T20 International matches. At the domestic level, Rs 35,000 per day for one day of Ranji matches, Rs 50 thousand for ODI matches and the same amount is given as match fees for T20 matches. In such a situation, it will be seen whether the contract amount of the players will be reduced or the match fees. However, this situation will happen after the IPL is not there.

BCCI distributes 150 crore rupees to international players, while over 70 crore rupees in domestic cricket. Sources in the board told Mumbai Mirror, “There will be revenue loss for BCCI due to IPL and no international cricket. International players’ income will therefore be higher than the board’s income.” This is why players like Virat, Rohit and Bumrah will lose crores of rupees. Earlier, the salary of England cricket team and many football team players has also been deducted due to Corona virus. In such a situation, there is a shadow of salary cut on Indian cricketers too.


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