Boosting Your Immune System Dr. Ishi Khosla said that we should ensure our food and drink according to age as the needs of people of each age group may be different.
Boosting Your Immune System Dr. Ishi Khosla said that we should ensure our food and drink according to age as the needs of people of each age group may be different.

Yesha Mathur. Boosting Your Immune System: Many cities have been lockeddown to fight Kovid 19. It is very important to follow the instructions to work from home, not to go to public places. In such a situation, the big question is, what to eat, what not to eat to keep yourself healthy while at home? What are the things to increase your immunity and how to prevent cold-fever from coming closer?

If you have started working from home or have isolated yourself at home to prevent corona infection, use this time well. Regularizing diet and dieting can not only reduce the risk of corona infection, but it is also possible to maintain distance from diseases by increasing immunity. Know what the diet and nutritionist Dr. Ishi Khosla says .

What to do?

Include fruits and vegetables prominently in your diet.
Digestion and immunity are directly related. Eat light food.
Use basil, Giloy, Amla, turmeric. Use Neem. Tulsi tea is beneficial.
Eat good fats. Desi Ghee is very good for immunity. You can also take a little more during this time. Consumption of coconut oil is also beneficial.
Nutrients like vitamin D, B12, zinc, iron, selenium are important in terms of health. These will increase immunity. Vitamin B12 is found in plenty in milk products, while green leafy vegetables, beans and dried fruits should be consumed for minerals like zinc, iron and selenium.
Garlic is a good source of antioxidants. A compound called allicin found in it helps in fighting infections, increases immunity and keeps the lungs healthy.

Eat food on time, but also be aware of calories, because when walking or physical activity is reduced and the exercise routine cannot be followed then the need to eat is reduced. Vitamin C is very important to fight diseases. It can be taken both through natural foods as well as supplements. Vitamin C is found in abundance in citrus fruits like lemon, orange, seasonality etc.

what not to do?

Do not eat meat.
Quit smoking.
Take less fried things outside.
Avoid tea-coffee cake-pastries.
Cut the grains slightly. This will keep your digestion right. You will see its direct effect on your immunity.
Be catering according to age

We should ensure our food and drink according to age, as the needs of people of each age group may be different.

One to 10 years

Maintain cleanliness.
Keep them active at home.
Also do not give cola drinks, sugar syrup and market fruit juice.
Take care to give vitamins. Some supplements can also be given.
Do not make parents happy by feeding them sweet things like candy, chocolates.
Teach children yoga and motivate them to do it regularly. Surya Namaskar can give them the full benefits of yoga. It is good that you make it a family.

10 to 40 years

Do not eat strong food. He also spoils immunity.
Eat fiber rich. Fast one day a week.
Along with Surya Namaskar, do Bhramari Pranayama for strengthening the lungs.
Exercise at home. Use the time used to travel to and from school and college or office.
Make healthy dishes at home. Seeing favorite recipes on the Internet can improve health as well as fulfill the hobby of eating.

40 to 60 years

Continue regular yoga and exercise.
Keep in touch with the doctor and dietician.
Take medicines as a rule. Keep checking the blood pressure and sugar level.

Above 65

Liquid diet should be taken to increase immunity.
For this, take basil, fennel, cardamom and cumin water.
Take vegetable juices to detoxify the body.
Take probiotics.
If it suits you, take yeast foods like idli, dosa, kanji etc. Do yoga on the advice of a doctor.


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