The Union Health Ministry has said that the infection in India has not yet reached community transmission ie stage three. Efforts are being made to avoid this.
The Union Health Ministry has said that the infection in India has not yet reached community transmission ie stage three. Efforts are being made to avoid this.

New Delhi. Relief among the increasing number of corona infects in the country in the last few days is that we have not yet reached the third stage of the spread of the virus. Amidst some reports in this regard and the skepticism created by the statement of AIIMS direct Dr. Randeep Guleria, on Monday, the Health Ministry again clarified that the infection in India has not yet reached community transmission ie stage three. Dr. Guleria, director of AIIMS, said that in some parts, a case of community transmission has been found at the local level. However, in most places the spread of the virus is at stage two. Since his statement, such speculations were started that the transition of corona in the country has reached stage three. As soon as such news came, the Health Ministry immediately clarified the situation.

No community transmission

Health Ministry’s Joint Secretary Love Aggarwal said, “If there is a case of community transmission anywhere in the country, we will first inform, so that people can be alert.” As far as the director of AIIMS is concerned, he has used the term localized community transmission. This means that a large number of infection cases are being found at one place. We are in the middle of the second and third stage right now and our efforts and steps should be in the same direction that we should not reach stage three.

What is stage two and stage three

Stage two means that someone who has had an infection has returned from traveling abroad or has come in contact with such a person. By the second stage, it is known how a person has become infected. At stage three, a person gets infected after coming into contact with an unknown. The source of its infection is not found. This is a very fatal condition in terms of the spread of infection.

ICMR speeding up investigation

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has approved the Rapid Antibody Blood Test for screening, amid growing infection cases in the country. This test does not confirm corona infection, but detects influenza infection, which may also be caused by corona. It is reported in 15 to 20 minutes. Protocol of treatment and isolation will be adopted considering its positive patient as a potential corona patient. This investigation will be used where outright cases of infection are suspected.

Thoughts on increasing the number of employees

According to the ICMR, an RT-PCR test will be done for the corona if the report is negative based on the symptoms needed. The ICMR is expected to receive seven lakh kits for the rapid antibody test by Wednesday. ICMR is also increasing the number of Corona probe kits, speeding up the investigation. At present, corona examination has been allowed in more than 200 labs in the country. ICMR is also considering to work 24 hours in the existing lab and increase the number of employees in this entire chain in collaboration with the states. According to the ICMR, as of April 6, more than 96 thousand people have been screened.

Lockdown deadline will be decided by hotspot

Raman R Gangakhedkar of ICMR says that the identity of the hotspot will play a key role in setting the lockdown deadline. In addition, the time it takes to double the number of infected is an important standard to understand its spread. Currently, this formula cannot be applied due to the sudden increase of infectives due to Tablighi Jamaat, but it will remain the standard key factor in the last week of lockdown. He said that how many people will be infected in the next three weeks, it will help to understand whether the need for lockdown will be at national or local level. It is most important to stop the link of propagation and this is possible only by keeping distance from each other and staying in people’s homes.

Emphasis on smooth supply of oxygen

Meanwhile, the central government has asked the states and union territories to ensure that medical oxygen is supplied smoothly. In a letter to the chief secretaries of all states, Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla said that the supply of essential commodities and medical oxygen should be uninterrupted during the lockdown. Medical oxygen has been placed in the list of essential medicines by the Central Government and by the World Health Organization. Bhalla also emphasized uninterrupted operation of discounted services during the lockdown.


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