The number of people infected with the corona virus, which has reached 192 countries in the world since the first case came to light in China last December, has crossed 1.5 million.
The number of people infected with the corona virus, which has reached 192 countries in the world since the first case came to light in China last December, has crossed 1.5 million.

Paris, agencies. The corona epidemic has hit almost the whole world. So far, the number of people infected with the coronavirus, which has reached 192 countries of the world, has reached 15 lakhs. The death toll has also reached 94,705. After the US, European countries Italy, Spain, France and Germany are most affected by this epidemic. More than half of the global figures are from Europe. About seven lakh 73 thousand are infected in this continent. There has been a slight decline in the number of deaths in Spain.

Emergency fails to keep Japanese in homes

The number of corona-infected in Japan has crossed five thousand. So far 105 victims have died. The government announced an emergency in the capital Tokyo and six other areas this week to prevent the epidemic. After taking this step, Tokyo’s more buzzing districts of Shibuya, Akasaka and Ginja remained quiet while in other places people were busy as usual. This shows that the steps taken in keeping people in the houses are not being effective.

Lockdown will increase in France

According to the data of the national authorities and the information of WHO, so far around 15 lakh 84 thousand people have been found infected worldwide. Meanwhile, a close official of French President Emmanuel Macron told that the lockdown period will be extended. The lockdown is on till 15 April. The number of victims in France has exceeded one lakh 17 and more than 12 thousand have lost their lives.

Spain’s new cases and deaths fall again

Here, the Spanish Ministry of Health said on Thursday that new cases of infections and deaths have declined again after two days. During the last 24 hours, 5,756 new cases were found in the country and 683 victims died on Thursday. A day earlier 6,180 new cases were found and 757 victims died. So far, more than 52 thousand patients have been cured. Italy also has seen a slight decline in new cases and death rates.

Other patients are reluctant to go to hospitals in Switzerland

So far, more than 23 thousand people found infected with corona in Switzerland. Such patients are getting inflicted in hospitals, while many patients suffering from other serious diseases are shying away from going to the hospital. Doctors have feared that many people are dying at home due to other diseases. Many people are not coming to the hospital for fear of coming in contact with corona patients.

Know and state of countries

117 people died in Iran on Thursday. Thus the death toll in the country has reached 4,110.

In Indonesia, the death toll from Corona rose to 280, 3,293 people were found infected so far.

The government of New Zealand has made quarantine compulsory for every citizen of India.

287 new cases of infection were reported in Singapore on Thursday. The highest number of cases of infection in a day. The number of corona-positive cases in Singapore has increased to 1,910. The PM has warned people to take tough measures.

Most affected countries

Country – Death – Infected

Italy – 18,279 – 1,41,626

America-16,231 – 4,56,712

Spain – 15,238 – 1,52,446

France – 12,210 – 1,17,749

Britain – 7,978 – 65,077

Iran – 4,110 – 66,220

China – 3,335 – 81,865

Germany – 2,451 – 1,15,523

Turkey – 908 – 42,282


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