International Day of Democracy
International Day of Democracy

International Day of Democracy allows us to celebrate and respect our democratic society. It’s very easy for people who live in a free society to take their freedoms for provided. Yet, when freedom is absent, life consists of unbelievable challenges that are frequently unimaginable. Today, let’s reflect on the evolution of democracy all over the world, thank those who influenced the development of our government, and also look for opportunities to promote and protect our own country’s democracy.

What is democracy?

Democracy is a system of government where representatives are elected by the people. In true democracies, people can take an active role in their government and hold them to account by voting them out.

Democracy is connected to civil rights and intends to ensure that everybody in a society is stood for. Regardless of skin color, religion, capability, or a wide range of other, democracy must ensure that governments protect their people.

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History of International Day of Democracy

UN constantly believes that human rights and the rule of law are always protected in democratic societies. UN always concentrates on the goals of piece, civil rights and development. Democracy offers a powerful, active and vocal civil society. On 8 November, 2007, the UN General Assembly made a decision to make 15 September to observe the International Day of Democracy annually. On this particular day the assembly motivates people and organisations from government and non-government, to celebrate the International Day of Democracy. In 2008, the International Day of Democracy was fist time commemorated. It gave chance to promote and consolidate democracy worldwide.

The main importance of International Day of Democracy is that it provides an opportunity to advise people, all governments to appreciate the legal rights of the citizens and offer relevant and substantive participation in democracy. Also the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is to deal with democracy in Sustainable Development Goal 16 and identify the links of people between peaceful societies, effective and accountable and also inclusive organizations.

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International Day of Democracy Activities

Every year, the UN holds official global events that spread out awareness relating to democracy in action. Previous themes have consisted of motivating young people to take part in democratic movements, addressing sustainable development, and promoting civility within societies. Find out more relating to this year’s theme and activities and also see what you can do to take part.

Find out about political candidates
Our duty as citizens to vote is essential yet we shouldn’t go into the voting polls unenlightened. Today, take some time to discover the candidates in upcoming nearby, state, and federal polls. Ensure the candidates for whom you cast your ballot are in fact straightened to your ideals, will serve their constituents, as well as choose for the improvement of the community.

Exercise your legal rights
As a member of a democratic government, you possess great power. Democracy is both an objective and a procedure that hinges upon your participation. Thanks to digital improvements, it’s right now much easier than ever to get in touch with representatives, advocate for reasons, vote and make a difference in our unique form of government.

International Day of Democracy 2020 Theme

COVID-19: A Spotlight on Democracy

“As the world confronts COVID-19, democracy is crucial in ensuring the free flow of information, participation in decision-making and accountability for the response to the pandemic.” – United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres

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