International Dog Day 2020 (Photo - awarenessdays)
International Dog Day 2020 (Photo - awarenessdays)

International Dog Day is observed on August 26th every year to motivates dog ownership of all types. It celebrates all dogs and encourages adoption. A lot of people in India are taking up the concept of adopting a stray dog. The community pet dogs that survive on the streets by the community are fast and exceptionally intelligent learners. They likewise make excellent running buddies. No one can win hearts like man’s buddy and pet dogs are the very best companions, the bond between man and dog is fantastic irrespective of their types.

Dog shelters and saves have plenty of lovable, active, and healthy adoptable pets simply waiting for someone to take them house. The informal vacation is also sometimes called World Pet dog Day, National Pet Dog Gratitude Day, or International Dog Day. The holiday likewise intends to raise awareness about Dog adoption and the value of offering rescue pet dogs with a caring and safe environment.

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To adopt a dog follow these Steps

  • Try to find a rescue or close-by dog shelter home.
  • Go to the shelter and attempt to bond with the pet dog.
  • Get the medical records and history of the dog.
  • Follow the required and essential procedures.
  • Sign up the adoption papers

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