Isreal airstrike on Gaza
Isreal airstrike on Gaza

Palestine-based militants fired 12 rockets at Israel from Gazapatti. Nine rockets of this overnight attack were thwarted by Israel and in retaliation carried out three airstrikes on Hamas terrorist organization targets. The Israeli army gave this information in the early hours of Friday (21 August).

This is the biggest clash in the past few months near the Gaza border, although no casualties were reported in the attacks. Police said buildings and vehicles were damaged in Israel and bomb disposal squads have been sent to collect pieces of explosives.

In recent weeks, Hamas-linked groups have used explosive balloons to burn the fields to put pressure on Israel. Hamas wants the restrictions imposed on Gaza removed. The rocket attack is believed to increase tension. Israel has closed Gaza’s only commercial route, which has shut down the power plant, and residents of the region are unable to get more than four hours of electricity.

Israel has also banned fishing in the coastal waters of Gaza. It is believed to have been done in response to explosive filled balloons. The Israeli military said it attacked Hamas military bases where rockets were manufactured.


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