Lebanese Prime Minister Hasan Diab has resigned along with his entire cabinet due to public outcry over the bombings in Beirut last Tuesday.
Lebanese Prime Minister Hasan Diab has resigned along with his entire cabinet due to public outcry over the bombings in Beirut last Tuesday.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab has resigned, bowing to the demands of the people after a powerful blast in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. People angry with the blast took to the streets alleging negligence of the government department and ineptitude of the government and demanded the entire government to resign. Not only this, the ministers started resigning one by one due to heavy public anger. The government was under great pressure due to the huge public outrage in the country.

President accepted

In his message broadcast on television, Diab said that he supports the demand of ordinary Lebanese people that those responsible for this crime be brought under the purview of the law. After a cabinet meeting on Monday, Diab announced his resignation as Prime Minister. Lebanese President Michael Aoun has accepted the resignation of the entire government, including the Prime Minister. However, the President has asked Hasan Diab to continue in office till the formation of the new government.

163 death so far

The cabinet, formed in January this year, had the support of the powerful Hezbollah group backed by Iran and its allies. Let me tell you that in Beirut, on Tuesday, two thousand tons of ammonium nitrate, which was stored at the port, was destroyed. So far 163 people have died in this blast while more than 6,000 people have been injured. It is said that hundreds of people are still missing whose search is going on.

The world laid the condition of reforms

Earlier, two more ministers resigned amid violent protests. Information Minister Manal Abdal Samad and Environment Minister Damianos Qatar left their posts on Sunday. On Monday, Justice Minister Marie Claude Najam and Finance Minister Ghazi Vajani also resigned. The donor countries and institutions of the world have opened their bags to Lebanon, but they were also conditioned for political and economic reforms.

Protesters were demanding the resignation of the entire government

On the resignation of the ministers, the protesters said that two to four resignations will happen. The entire government should resign because it cannot overcome the crisis. Earlier, Prime Minister Hasan Diab had tried to pacify the people by promising to hold elections soon.

Violence doesn’t win

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron said that violence and anarchy should not prevail. The incident of August 4 was like a thunderclap. It is time to be alert and take action. US President Donald Trump said his country would not lag behind in help. Jordan, Egypt, China, European Union and several Arab countries also participated in the conference. At the same time, Iran has demanded the United Nations to lift the ban on Lebanon.

Historic Palace also destroyed

The 160-year-old historic Sursock Palace was also destroyed in the Beirut blast of August 4. Roderick Sursock, owner of Sursock Palace, said that everything was over in an instant. After the 1975–1990 civil war, the Sursock Palace was carefully repaired to restore its old glory. It took 20 years.

India will send immediate and help

India will soon send more medicine, food items and necessary materials to help Lebanon. India’s permanent representative at the United Nations, TS Tirumurthy, expressed grief on behalf of the Indian government on August 4. Tirumurthy said that India had recently sent medical supplies to Lebanon to fight the Kovid-19. We are sending immediate and relief material.

The world trusts help

The world has opened its doors to help Lebanon. Global leaders and international organizations have assured emergency humanitarian aid of $ 298 million (about Rs 2,231 crore). There is also a condition here. Money will come only when the Lebanese government promises political and economic reforms. This is a great demand of the Lebanese people. There were 30 participants in the international conference held on Sunday in Fort Bregnon, France. It also offered help for an independent and reliable investigation into the Beirut blast. This is a major demand of the Lebanese people.


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