Milk is called a total diet plan, so make it part of your everyday diet. You can take all foods with milk. There are lots of things that make your health when taken with milk, however on the other hand it is wrong to take some special combination with milk. So let us understand about them, so that we can use this whole diet to make good health.

1. Milk and Salt

Milk consists of calcium. The process of digestion is interrupted by taking milk and salt together. However, some milk active ingredients such as yogurt, cheese and butter can be taken with salt.

2. Milk and High Protein Source

Eating milk and meat, milk and egg together is restricted. This also decreases the energy level of the body. In such a circumstance, it is recommended to consume watery vegetables like broccoli, salad and onion.

3. Milk and Starchy Food

Dairy items such as milk or cream and cheese ought to not be taken with high-starchy foods such as bread, pasta or maida. They need a great deal of energy to digest, so it needs to be 2 to 4 after eating, feeling exhausted, gas, flatulence and indigestion.

4. Milk products and food

After taking tea or coffee after meals, we are unable to get the nutrients of our food. This impedes the digestion procedure. Apart from this, numerous nutrients are ruined by taking caffeine together with food.

5. Milk based cereals/ citrus juice

Citrus juice consists of acid. When milk is taken with an acid like juice it forms mucous. Consuming milk and juice together is an uphill struggle, so take juice half an hour prior to drinking milk.


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