Nancy Wake
Nancy Wake

If a woman is beautiful, she should be cool. Wonderful combatant should also be a soldier, and if you are so fast in the work of espionage, what will you say about him? The name of this woman was Nancy Grace Augusta Wake. People called him Nancy Wake. She was among the famous women fighters of the second world war. In many ways, his personality was immense.

Born in Roseneath, Wellington, New Zealand, on 30 August 1912 and died 7 August 2011 in London, England. Wake was the youngest of six children.

Australia to France at age 16

Very interesting too, the story of this tremendous fighter. She ran away from school when she was 16 years old. France reached from Australia. She started working as a journalist there. At the same time, his eyes fought with French businessman Henri Fiocca. Romance happened. Then both got married.

Helping the French

airmen was both ardent and brave. It was discovered when the Germans attacked France in 1939. Nancy Wake began to help the French. She helped the airmen reach safe places in Spain. When her distinction was revealed to the Germans, in 1942 she fled to Britain via Spain.

Then became a British espionage agent, the code name was Helen’s

husband Henry Fiokka, then he left in France. Got caught The Nazis killed him after torture. In Britain, he started working with British Special Operations Executive (SOE) agents. He was codenamed Helen there. She participated in many dangerous missions. It is said that he once killed a German sentry with only hands. He did this job with Judo-Chop, which he had learned while training at SOE.

Entered the enemy’s camp

During the second world war, he did such an amazing job that everyone was surprised. Actually during the war the radio codes of the allied countries were lost. Its replacement could be found only by entering enemy territory. It is about 500 kilometers away. Can you imagine that a girl riding a bicycle can do this risky job? Nancy did this work in only three days.

German soldiers used to be like this

You must be wondering when flirt and romance were talked about, when will it be mentioned. In fact, during the war, Wake used to go to dating Germans to get information from them. She used to pretend to love him. It used to romance so that it looks real. That flirt used to be so intoxicating that German soldiers used to fall into its trap. Wake’s intelligence led to a lot of damage to the German Army and the Nazi Intelligence Service Gustapo.

Oh god how much did i flirt

She told an Australian newspaper, “Drinking a little powder and a little alcohol on the way, I went through the German posts. Asked them if they would like to search me. Oh my god how much flirt did I do.” Peter Fitzsimons, who wrote her biography, wrote that she had survived the clutches of the Germans many times. The Germans used to call him White Mouse by the art of his escape. His biography also has the same name.

became an Intelligence Officer, after the Second World War she became an Intelligence Officer in Britain’s Air Ministry. Wake may have romanced and flirted for his detective work, but he never remarried.


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