National Chocolate Milkshake Day: How to Celebrate, History and Recipe
National Chocolate Milkshake Day: How to Celebrate, History and Recipe

National Chocolate Milkshake Day

National Chocolate Milkshake Day commemorating on 12 September every year. The day brings chocolate and ice cream lovers together. Overlook calories for this day and enjoy a sweet, delicious and thick chocolate milkshake!

History of Chocolate Milkshake Day

The term “milkshake” first appeared in 1885. During this period, milkshake described an alcoholic beverage as a “sturdy, healthy eggnog kind of drink”. It blends with eggs, whiskey, and some other ingredients. Pharmacies served the drink as a tonic and a treat to consumers. By 1900, pharmacies served this drink with either chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry syrup.
The very early 1900s– People started asking for this “new treat” with a scoop of ice cream.
1911– Hamilton Beach’s drink mixers started to be apply at soda fountains.
1922– Steven Poplawski invented the electric blender or food processor or drink mixer.
The invention of the blender, milkshake became chipped, freshened, and creamy form as they are today.
By the 1920s & 1930s, milkshakes became a popular drink at malt outlets everywhere.

How To Celebrate Chocolate Milkshake Day

Celebrating Chocolate Milkshake Day is one of enjoyable things that a chocolate lover can do. It gives an excuse to indulge in their favorite shake. Make the holiday an ask for true indulgence by welcoming a group of friends, and bringing every form of delicious chocolate you can imagine. Whether you make it a social gathering or a personal extravagance. Chocolate Milkshake Day is a holiday break to look forward to, and nobody will embarrass you for it across the year.

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Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

How to make Chocolate Milkshake at home?

quick and easy recipe to prepare flavorful chocolate shake made with cocoa powder. You should try at home
To get the best taste in delicious chocolate shake,I will suggest using a good quality cocoa powder. Both ice cream and also ice cubes are optional and you can skip them. You can add in both vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream or choco chip ice cream in the milkshake.
Without ice cream also the chocolate milkshake flavors really good. For a dairy free variant of chocolate shake, you can use almond milk or soy milk.

Chocolate Milkshake Ingredients

  1. Cocoa powder
  2. Milk (chilled)
  3. Sugar
  4. Ice cube
  5. Hot Water
  6. Chocolate syrup (optional)

How to make chocolate milkshake at home?

Making cocoa solution steps

 1. In a small-sized bowl, take 1/4 cup hot water.
2. Include 3 tbsp cocoa powder. You can even add 2 tbsp cocoa powder.
3. Then add 1/4 cup sugar. You can add sugar as per taste.
4. Mix very well to ensure the sugar and the cocoa powder is dissolve in the hot water.

Making chocolate shake

5. Now pour this cocoa solution in a blender.
6. Add some ice cubes.
7. Add 2.5 cups chilled milk.
8. blend till smooth.
9. You may add some chocolate syrup at the sides of glasses. This is an optional step.
10. Pour chocolate milkshake in glasses.
11. Then add a scoop of chocolate ice cream.
12. Serve chocolate milkshake immediately.


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