The anger in Beirut is evident in the anger of the people there. The government also believes that the major reason behind this blast has been negligence.
The anger in Beirut is evident in the anger of the people there. The government also believes that the major reason behind this blast has been negligence.

After the devastation in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, there is now a rage of anger. There is anger among the people that due to carelessness and mismanagement, there was such a huge explosion, which caused not only the city but the entire country. 135 people lost their lives and around five thousand were injured. However, the government has promised that by conducting an investigation, it will determine the accountability of those who will be found responsible for this horrific explosion.

Ammonium nitrate came in the year 2013

According to officials, 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate came from a shipment at the port of Beirut in 2013, which was stored in a warehouse. It is used in making fertilizers and bombs. But such a large amount of ammonium nitrate was left without any safety arrangement as if it were a normal thing. The brunt of this negligence came in the form of a horrific explosion on Tuesday. Fireworks are expected to explode due to fire in the warehouse.

Ammonium nitrate became the reason

Prime Minister Hasan Diab said, “It is the extent of negligence that such a huge stock of ammonium nitrate was kept in the warehouse without any security arrangements.” It is unforgivable. We cannot remain mute spectators on this. ‘ The people of Beirut are also very angry with this incident. A businessman named Nada Chamli said angrily, ‘My shop and house have been destroyed in the blast. The government is also not expected to get help. Who will help us if we suffer the expense of such serious negligence? The 42-year-old Roger Matter reported that the explosion was so intense that the windows of his apartment’s windows and doors shattered. Everyone is still scared. Who is responsible for this?

Nearly half the city suffered damage

According to the news agency AP, Beirut Governor Marvan Abod told that about half of the city was damaged by the blast. The city is estimated to have damaged up to $ 15 billion (about one lakh ten thousand crore rupees) due to this massive explosion. Three lakh people have become homeless. The explosion in Beirut was so intense that its echo was heard 160 kilometers away to Cyprus.

Detained port officer

According to the AP, the investigation into the blasts has begun. Especially negligence has been kept in the investigation. The government has ordered the detention of several officials of the Beirut Port. It is feared that this horrific incident occurred as a result of negligence in the security of the warehouse.

French President reaches Beirut

French President Emmanuel Macron has arrived in Beirut to express his support for Lebanon in the wake of the horrific explosion. In this critical situation, many other countries have also extended their help for relief and rescue. However, Lebanon, facing an economic crisis, will need massive international help to rebuild the city.


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