The Delhi Police has taken major action in the Tablighi Markaz case. Delhi Police has registered an FIR on Maulana. Police has taken action under Section 269 270 271 120B of IPC.
The Delhi Police has taken major action in the Tablighi Markaz case. Delhi Police has registered an FIR on Maulana. Police has taken action under Section 269 270 271 120B of IPC.

New Delhi Several people involved in the Tablighi Jamaat organized in the Nizamuddin area of ​​South Delhi have been stirred after the corona virus got infected. Meanwhile, an emergency meeting is going on at CM Arvind Kejriwal’s residence in the event of such a large number of potential patients. Health Minister Satyendar Jain and other senior officials are also present in it.

Nizamuddin Corona cases live updates:

Markaz’s building at Nizamuddin has been built unofficially. Rajpal Singh, deputy chairman of the SDMC standing committee, has written a letter to the DC of Central Zone asking to seal the building.
Not long ago, Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain (Delhi Health Minister) has said that we do not have the exact number, but between 1500-1700 people had joined the Tablighi Jamaat. So far 1300 people have been evacuated from here. Of these, 334 have been admitted to the hospital, while a quarantine center of 700 people has been sent. Nizamuddin Markaz has yielded 24 positives among those brought to various hospitals.
A total of 10 people have been found to be corona positive in Andaman, 9 of which were from Nizamuddin’s Markaz.
The 10th patient is the wife of one of these patients, she is also found to be corona positive.

Delhi’s Health Minister said that the organizers have committed a very serious crime. I have written a letter to the Lieutenant Governor asking that the strongest action should be taken against them and they should not be spared. Instructions for the FIR have been given.

The central government has not approved the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium to be a quarantine center.
We came to know two days ago at night that 6 people have come to Ram Manohar Lohia, then we took action.
Preparations have been completed to quarantine the people involved in the Tablighi Jamaat held in the Nizamuddin area of ​​South Delhi recently. South East Delhi district administration has prepared to quarantine all these suspects at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Meanwhile, about 900 people have been evacuated from Tbidli Markaj in Nizamuddin from Sunday to Tuesday morning. 200 people were evacuated on Sunday. They are being taken by DTC buses to different hospitals and isolation centers. People who are getting symptoms of corona are being admitted to hospitals like LNJP, RML, Rajiv Gandhi Hospital etc.

At the same time, those who do not show any symptoms right now are being kept in isolation centers for 15 days. They will be released after 15 days. Jawaharlal Stadium in Delhi, ITBP Camp in Outer Delhi, Isolation Center in Burari and Bawana have been built. There are still 300–400 people left in Markaz, who are continuing their process of being evicted. People living in Markaj are being evacuated for three days and night. Police has surrounded the entire area.

All the hundreds of people involved in Tablighi Jamaat will have a medical examination

In this regard, all the people are being brought here through the buses of Delhi Transport Corporation. According to the news agency ANI, these people will be checked up in various hospitals.

Significantly, 24 people involved in Tablighi Markaz in Nizamuddin have been found to be Corona positive during lockdown from 12 pm on 25 March in Delhi.

At the same time, 228 suspected patients have also been admitted to two hospitals in Delhi. Their report is yet to come. In this way a total of 252 people have been admitted to hospitals.

Victims traveled to many states after returning from abroad

The victims include people from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and many other states. It is being told that these Corona victims also visited Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan. After returning from there, many of them went to Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Andaman. 1600 people involved in this Tablighi Markaz have been quarantined. People quarantined in Nizamuddin who are developing symptoms like fever, cough and respiratory problems are being transferred to the hospital.

2 people of Delhi hospital admitted 102 people

About 102 people were admitted to Lok Nayak and Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospitals on Monday. In Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, a total of 99 people have been admitted in the last three days. On March 28, 31 people were admitted, out of which 18 people have been found to be corona positive. Samples of the remaining patients have also been sent for examination.

At the same time, 153 people have been admitted from Nizamuddin in Loknayak Hospital in the last two days. With this, the number of suspected patients admitted here has increased to 174. Out of this, 64 patients were taken to Loknayak Hospital on Monday by taking DTC bus.


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