Nuakhai Juhar festival in Odisha (Photo - Times of India)
Nuakhai Juhar festival in Odisha (Photo - Times of India)

‘Lagna’ (auspicious moment) for offering of ‘Nabanna’ to Maa Samaleswari in Sambalpur is finalized; the newly harvested rice will be offered to the Goddess between 9.35 pm and 9.50 pm on August 23

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Nuakhai also khown as Nuankhai, the agrarian festival of western part of Odisha, is celebrated with pomp and gaiety in Sambalpur and other parts of the region every year. Thousands of devotees throng the Samaleswari temple, the presiding deity of Sambalpur, to invoke blessings. The first harvested crop was offered to Samaleswari at the stipulated lagna as a mark of gratitude for a bumper harvest, good rain and favourable weather for farming.

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Covid-19 Situation

The Odisha State government has decided for the relaxation of shutdown in the jurisdiction of Rourkela Municipal Corporation (RMC).

The state government has take this decision on the occasion of ‘Nuakhai’, which is an essential mass agrarian celebration observed throughout the western part of the State, falls on August 23 (Sunday).

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The State government in an alert said that the residents can observe the said celebration in their facilities without triggering any congregation at any location in accordance with the lockdown orders.

Besides, it has actually asked for the people to keep all security protocols, such as social distancing, wearing masks, appropriate sanitisation, etc.

It is worthwhile to point out here that the State Government has actually enforced the weekend shutdown till August 31 in view the increasing number of COVID cases in RMC area.

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