Parvadhiraj Paryushan festival 2020 starts from 23 August
Parvadhiraj Paryushan festival 2020 starts from 23 August

Bending is the one in which there is life, the airs are the identity of the dead, so learn to bear forgiveness. Pardon will not be able to follow religion unless the feelings of forgiveness are internal and external.

Jain sage Suvrata Sagar Maharaj said this while explaining the importance of Parvadhiraj Paryushan festival starting from Sunday. He addressed the gathering from the social sites organized on the Chhatri Jain temple and said that the one who bends as much as he moves and the anger that he does is self-harm. Big physicians tell that BP starts increasing in the body every time there is anger, Blood flow becomes fast and we lose our mental balance and start speaking something, therefore, ten religions are mentioned in Jain philosophy.

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If we can manifest those ten religions, the symptoms, then we can also attain the ultimate post i.e. the state of salvation. These ten religions will be worshiped in 10 days: Ten Panchams are worshiped in ten days from Panchami to Anant Chaturdashi of Shukla Paksha of Bhadra Pada month. These include best forgiveness, Mardava, Arjava, defecation, truth, restraint, tenacity, sacrifice, With the worship of these ten religions, achichen and celibacy, we can bring softness inside. And if these 10 qualities are revealed then we will also be in a position to reach the ultimate position.

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President of Chhatri Jain Temple, Rajkumar Jain Herbooty and General Secretary Prakash Jain told that first of all the visitors who come to the Chhatri Jain temple will come to the temple, we have decided to follow the guide of Kovid-19, so there will be thermal screening of every visitor coming to the temple. . If the temperature is more than 37 degrees, then he will go home from outside the temple after darshan. With this, devotees will be able to enter the temple only by putting on masks to see inside the temple with social distancing.

Mahavir Jinalaya, Chandraprabha Jinalaya, Parshwanath Jinalaya Old Shivpuri, All the temples along with Adinath Jinalaya will have to enter from the social distance itself with the imperative of masks. Devotees will not be able to stay in the temple for long and the sermons of Munishri will also be heard on social sites.


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