Pakistan has once again stated its intention by boycotting the SAARC meeting. But this time he has made a very poor excuse.
Pakistan has once again stated its intention by boycotting the SAARC meeting. But this time he has made a very poor excuse.

Islamabad Due to Corona virus, all countries are trying to prove their participation in the war by removing their estrangement, whereas Pakistan does not want to be part of any such war started by India. This is the reason why it did not participate in the virtual conference to be held between trade officials of SAARC member countries. By boycotting this forum, Pakistan has once again made it clear that the talks with India that PM Imran Khan had done till now were only hollow words.

Pakistan has made excuses for the boycott of this trade meeting by Pakistan, which is also very poor. According to Pakistan newspaper The Tribune, the meeting was to strategize on the Corona virus and to stop its spread in SAARC countries. But India has boycotted the meeting after being told that such steps cannot be successful without it. Not only this, it has been said from Pakistan that Pakistan is making every effort to stop Corona, but India wants to keep its crown on its head, which is not acceptable to it. India wants it to remain at its center and loot the applause of the efforts made to stop the epidemic.

According to the newspaper, this meeting was the second stop of the video conferencing of SAARC countries called on India’s initiative on 15 March. This meeting was attended by the heads of all countries except the President of Pakistan. On behalf of Pakistan, this meeting was attended by Pakistan PM’s Health Affairs Advisor and Minister of State Zafar Mirza. Let us tell you that in this meeting, PM Modi had also talked about creating a fund to prevent this epidemic in SAARC countries and to contribute first in it. Apart from this, it was also said that the doctors of India will be ready to go to any country and India will provide all the information gained on this subject to the member countries. On the contrary, Zafar Mirza tried his best to deviate from the meeting by chanting the Kashmir raga.

According to the newspaper, India wants to present itself to the world in such a way that it alone is making all efforts to stop this epidemic. This is the reason why Pakistan has boycotted it. However, the newspaper has admitted that Pakistan’s move may increase tensions between the two countries. A full statement has been issued by the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan regarding the boycott of this meeting. It states that Pakistan is a founding member of SAARC and is an important forum.

Significantly, 4296 cases of corona virus have been reported in Pakistan so far. At the same time, 63 patients have died since being hit by the virus. Apart from this, 467 have also been corrected. Punjab is the most affected by this in Pakistan. So far, 2166 cases have been reported here. While 1036 cases have been reported in Sindh, 560 cases in Khyber Pakhtunkhwan, 211 in Gilgit Baltistan, 83 in Islamabad and 28 cases in Ghulam Kashmir.

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