A man walking with his children at the Bridge of Wuhan. Since Saturday, the lockdown has been significantly relaxed.
A man walking with his children at the Bridge of Wuhan. Since Saturday, the lockdown has been significantly relaxed.

Beijing In Wuhan city of Hubei province of China from which coronavirus spread in the world, now things are becoming normal. Trains, subway networks, buses and bank services resumed here from Saturday. 50% of the big companies in many sectors including the auto industry also started functioning. With the opening of 182 metro stations, there is a rush. Now outsiders are allowed to enter here, but not to leave. Officials say that it will also be approved to leave after April 8.

12,000 passengers returned from a high-speed train in Wuhan on Saturday. Passengers are being left with one seat. Some shopping stores have opened. The rest will open by next week. People over 65 years of age have been asked to avoid public transport. A total of 180 bus routes have been opened.

Passengers wearing two face masks, Hazmate suits

200 infrared intelligent temperature monitoring equipment have been installed in Wuhan stations. With this, the body temperature of people is being measured. The passengers arriving at the stations are wearing two face masks, gloves and hazmat suits. Hazmat is a body suit that protects the body from chemicals and viruses. The staff at the Wuhan station is also fully equipped with security equipment. People who have come from abroad are being separated at the reception center. All passengers have to show the green code on the mobile, which shows their health. Those who do not have this green code have to undergo a nucleic test.

Some hotels and restaurants open, ban on eating food while sitting here and some hotels and restaurants have been opened in
Wuhan and its adjacent city Huanggang. But, we cannot sit here and eat food. Order will be packed and taken home.

Freight train from Wuhan to Europe started with 166.4 tonnes of medical supplies

The freight train from China to Europe has started again. The train left for Wujishan station in Wuhan on Saturday with 166.4 tonnes of medical supplies to Europe. It had surgical towels, plastic bags, medical table cloth etc. The train will reach the German city of Duisburg 15 days later. Last year, a total of 408 trains left for Europe from Wuhan.

1 flight a week for each country

To prevent the coronavirus from spreading in China, China has banned the entry of foreigners. Those who already have a China visa or resident permit will also have to file a new application to come. With this, there will now be one flight a week from here to every country. These flights also will not carry more than 75 percent passengers. According to the International Airtransport Association, when the lockdown took place in Wuhan on January 23, China’s aviation industry suffered the biggest decline. By mid-March, 5 lakh flights were canceled. The load factor was reduced to 40%, which is now 60%.


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