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We are all aware of this that catering for good health and slim body makes a lot of matter. So how to stay fit and healthy will know here.

If you want to look slim and fit, you will have...

Seeing the work of both office and home, stress is there, instead of getting stuck in it, find an option to get out of it. Here we are sharing with you some tips which are quite effective.

Try these formulas to be happy with relieving stress

The Coronavirus Usage Of AC government has issued new guidelines related to the use of ACs and coolers. While operating in homes, its temperature should be from 24 to 30 degree centigrade.

Coronavirus & Usage Of AC: Government guidelines, run AC-cooler but like...

The use of laptops and phones for hours at work from home in lockdown puts a lot of pressure on the eye muscles. Which is called digital eye strain. You will know its symptoms, prevention and treatment.

Use of too many digital devices can cause digital eye strain,...

According to many researches, Neem oil is more effective in killing mosquitoes than coils and vaporizers.

Follow these tips and say good bye to the mosquito at...

The disease was first discovered in 1918. It is not a major disease but if a person does not change his lifestyle it can take a fatal form.

Know what is Kevin Fever and how it can be overcome