The identification of corona virus will be possible in five to seven minutes. If it is successful, then it will not be less than a boon at present.
The identification of corona virus will be possible in five to seven minutes. If it is successful, then it will not be less than a boon at present.

New Delhi More than treating corona victims, they are struggling to find them. At present, many countries of the world are trying to find such a solution so that one can know whether corona is positive or negative at the earliest. Biocell Analytics, a firm in the city of Hull in East Yorkshire, UK, claims to have created a test kit that will confirm a corona patient within five minutes. Prof. Manish Singh, a professor of India, explained the features of the investigation kit developed by his firm, that Corona suspects in Britain still have to wait at least 48 hours for their investigation report. But this kit is being tested in five minutes.

This kit is much cheaper than these custom kits. It will cost only two pounds. According to Biocell Analytics researcher Manish Singh, when a response is made by infrared rays on a sample taken on the swab of a corona suspect, the maximum known within seven minutes is whether the person concerned is corona positive or not. Manish told that the sample of the patient is kept in the testing machine. After this, infrared rays were released through a lab diamond. When a wave passes through them, it forms a fingerprint-like spectrum. By analyzing this fingerprint spectrum on a computer, it can be found out which corona is positive and which is negative.

Amid claims from the British firm, US-based reputed firm Abbott Laboratories has also started supplying test kits that produce results in five minutes. The recently developed kit has been approved by the US governing body Food and Drug Administration (FDA) two weeks ago. The firm has designed fifty thousand kits of fluid-sampling swab from the nose. The firm claims that they can also be used in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices. With this kit, the result of a suspect being positive will be five and the result of negative will be found in 13 minutes. The patient will not be able to get out of the investigation clinic till then he will get the result.

There are two ways of investigation

The Corona suspects are currently being investigated in two ways. Swab Test and Antibody Test. Swab test, also known as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, is performed on most hospitalized patients. This test is very accurate but still takes more than a day. At the same time, it is seen in the antibodies test whether the infected person’s body has immunity to fight the virus. When someone is hit by a virus, it is seen that his body is able to make antibodies capable of fighting the virus. To test this, scientists take a sample from the patient’s body and react with a sample of the virus. If there is a reaction, it is proved that the body will compete with the virus. If the reaction does not occur, it is believed that the body does not have antibodies to fight the virus.


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