In the US, more than 1.75 lakh people have been infected by the Corona virus at present.
In the US, more than 1.75 lakh people have been infected by the Corona virus at present.

Washington, ANI. US President Donald Trump on Tuesday warned Americans that the coming two weeks could prove to be very, very painful for the US, as the spread of the corona virus is accelerating there. At present, more than 1.75 lakh people have been infected with Corona virus in the US, while more than three thousand people have died in the US due to the epidemic.

In his daily press briefing of the White House’s COVID-19 task force, Trump said that the corona cases were booming and moving very strongly. Trump said before seeing the light at the end of the tunnel We are going to run for two weeks. Trump said that these two weeks are going to be very painful.

China, where the virus originated, has reported 3,309 deaths from it. At the same time, both America and China are behind Italy and Spain, where 12,428 and 8,269 people have died respectively. Significantly, Trump on Sunday announced to extend the measures by April 30 under social disturbance guidelines.

Next 30 days are very important for America

Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday, “A challenging time is about to come.” The next 30 days are very important. Trump had announced the extension of social distancing guidelines a day earlier by 30 April. He also feared the death toll due to Corona in the coming two weeks. Trump said production of testing kits and face masks, including ventilators, has been increased. Shortage of these will soon go away. He said that the possibility of everyone wearing masks is also being considered.

Imprisoned in 25 million American homes

The National Emergency has been announced in the US with a population of 33 million due to the epidemic. Apart from this, many restrictions have been imposed in more than two dozen states including lockdown. Due to this, about 25 crore population has been imprisoned in homes.


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