American woman Linda Tripp, who exposed the scandal of former US President Bill Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky, died on Wednesday.
American woman Linda Tripp, who exposed the scandal of former US President Bill Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky, died on Wednesday.

Washington, agencies. American woman Linda Tripp, who exposed the scandal of former US President Bill Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky, died on Wednesday. She was 70 years old and battling pancreatic cancer. Trip had secretly recorded Clinton and Lewinsky’s phone conversations. Clinton faced impeachment in 1998 based on this phone tape. Later however he was acquitted of impeachment.

Linda Tripp worked as a secretary in the White House consulting office

During the early years of Clinton’s term, Trip worked as a secretary in the White House consulting office. He was later transferred to the Defense Department Pentagon. Tripp had a close friendship with Lewinsky, 24 years younger. Lewinsky told Trump about his relationship with Clinton. Trip then began secretly recording Clinton and Lewinsky’s phone conversations. He handed over the tapes to independent attorney Kenneth Starr. Kenneth was investigating Clinton’s wrongdoings at the time.

On the basis of these tapes, Kenneth was also allowed to investigate the Clinton-Lewinsky case. But when Monica filed an affidavit in the Paula Jones case in 1998 that she had no connection with Clinton, Linda handed over the recording to the officer Paineath Starr, who was investigating the Paula case.

When Clinton was presented before the court, he denied the evidence by stating his side before the jury that there were ‘sexual relations’ between them (Clinton-Lewinsky). The issue was hotly received across the world, including the American media, and was given many names. Such as Monikaget, Lewinskygate etc.

This was the period when Bill Clinton was facing sexual harassment allegations by Paula in 1994. In such a situation, the recording of Monica made the case sensational. Linda handed over the recording of the conversation with Lewinsky to the investigating officer. After the recording went public, Lewinsky also released a statement, opening silence on relations with Bill Clinton. Lewinsky said that despite knowing that Clinton was married, the two fell in love with each other.

Monica Lewinsky – The Complete Story of Bill Clinton

After graduating from Lewis & Clark College in 1995, Monica got a chance to work as an intern at the White House thanks to a family friend. Monica was just 22 at the time. When Monica’s training ended, she was appointed as a paid intern. Bill Clinton was in power when Monica stepped into the White House. That was his first term. Meanwhile, Monica Lewinsky met Bill Clinton.

Was impressed by Bill Clinton’s personality

Sometime later Monica was appointed as an employee in the White House legislative office. During this time she came in contact with former President Bill Clinton and was impressed by his personality. Monica Force was so fascinated by Clinton’s impressive personality that she used to look at Clinton for a long time. Monica was bubbly and often in front of Clinton. This was Monica’s liking for Clinton. Monica Clinton takes my minor mistakes seriously and enjoys them.

Monica Lewinsky says that she knew that although she had a bad attraction for the president in the White House, she was wrong but she could not stop it. The love of these two grew for many years and in the meantime, there was a physical relationship between the two, but this fact did not even get any news.

Hillary Clinton defends her husband

The affair of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky was very much discussed all over the world. A variety of questions were raised over Bill Clinton’s character, but in spite of former US Secretary of State, Donald Trump, Presidential candidate and Bill Clinton’s wife Hillary Clinton defended her husband. Hillary was asked a question related to this in an interview to CBS News. Hillary appeared in defense of her husband. Hillary said that Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica was not a wrong use of power, so the decision not to resign was correct. He said that Monica was an adult. All are responsible for the decisions taken in their life. However, he did not give any opinion on Bill Clinton’s affair.

Monica was on Fox channel’s agenda

The relationship between Bill Clinton and Monica became public two years after Rupert Murdoch chose Roger Isles as CEO of the news channel Fox. Roger was in the news for 24 hours only by showing his news. This act of Roger was destroying Monica’s life on one side, and on the other hand, Fox’s viewership had increased significantly. With his episode, Fox Channel ruled in the US for 15 years and earned around $ 2.3 billion through advertising.

‘Fox’ gains from Lewinsky episode

Media people say the Clinton-Lewinsky episode first sparked public interest in the Fox channel. At the time of Roger, James Moody, executive director of the channel, told that Fox was first installed on the news map. Monica Lewinsky was like a dream for her channel, which was now turning into reality. But Lewinsky’s dream was nothing short of a frightening experience for him. Monica Lewinsky said that her character, her life, and Ada were ruthlessly trampled. Fox News introduced some truth and imagination to the nation and the world to gain popularity.

Roger ruined my life

Roger Isles died 10 months after being removed from Fox News. To this Monica Lewinsky said that it remained scary for me. He is nervous when he is mentioned again and again. Lewinsky said that the relationship between President Clinton and him became known only after Roger took over Fox News. Roger is a man who ruined his life. He made every moment painful. To bring fame to his channel, the way in which he used to tell the story, it is created by remembering him.

Monica wanted to commit suicide due to cyberbullying

About five years ago, Monica Lewinsky revealed at an event that she wanted to commit suicide due to cyber bullying [image tarnishing on the Internet]. He described himself as one of the earliest victims of cyber bullying. Monica jokingly said that despite being 45, she does not want to be 22 again. At the age of 22, I fell in love with my boss and at the age of 24, I had to face terrible consequences.

Internet increased abusive experiences

Monica had said that after the love affair in 1998, I got caught up in the politics, law and media behavior like I had never seen before. I suddenly became a publicly humiliated person all over the world. I lost my reputation and self-respect. The internet aggravated my abusive experience, after which I even thought about committing suicide. Lewinsky said that the Internet has created a culture in which people enjoy watching others being humiliated online.


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