Violation of Pollution
Violate Pollution Norms For Vehicles Can Lead To Seizure Of The Vehicles Registration Certificate
  • Ministry of Road Transport and Highways issued draft notification

  • The entire process of pollution investigation will be online after two months

Violation of Pollution: If your vehicle causes more pollution then it can cause problems for you from next year. The government plans to cancel registration of polluting vehicles from next year. For this, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued draft notifications seeking objection and suggestions from all stakeholders.

Pollution investigation process will be online after two months

According to an official, the pollution investigation process will be online after two months. After this, the information of pollution check center, pollution certificate, vehicle owner and vehicles will be available in the National Motor Vehicle Register. No one can get fake pollution certificate from this.

Pollution will have to be done after every service

Under the new rules, pollution will have to be checked every time after service or repair of the vehicle. The motor vehicle inspector will order in electronic or written form to check for pollution. Seven days later, a Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate will have to be obtained. If it does not, the vehicle registration will be canceled.

Pollution investigation center will not be able to be rigged

In the new online system, the mobile number of the vehicle owner will be entered in the database at the time of checking pollution. After this, an OTP will come to the vehicle owner. The pollution check form will open only after the OTP is entered into the computer. If the emission exceeds the specified standard, the slip of the reject will be generated from the computer. Thus, there will be no rigging at the Pollution Detection Center.


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