Women's Equality Day (Photo - positivelynaperville)
Women's Equality Day (Photo - positivelynaperville)

You must have often heard that women are not getting equal with men. Their salary is less than that of men. This is also the case in some places. However, it is also important to remember that the biggest fight against this inequality was fought in America. There women did not even have the right to vote. The battle lasted more than 50 years. He then got the right to vote on August 26 in 1920.

Recalling this day is celebrated as Women’s Equality Day or Woman’s Equality Day in the US. Since the issue of gender equality is not limited to the US alone, this day, even if not international, reiterates the need for efforts to bring women and men on par throughout the world. Efforts are being made in this direction.

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First of all, what is this Women’s Equality Day?

  • Woman’s Equality Day is celebrated every year on 26 August. On the same day in 1920, the 19th Amendment was made in the US Constitution. Through this, women got equal voting rights as men.
  • Now it has gradually become an international celebration. Women all over the world celebrate this day as Equality Day. Many organizations in India organize debates, competitions, get-togethers.

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What is the history of Women’s Equality Day?

  • The fight for women’s rights in America began in 1853. Married women started demanding rights over property. Back then, the situation of women in many western countries, including the US, was not as it is today. He was considered a slave.
  • In 1890, the National American Woman Suffrage Association was formed in America. This organization led the movement to give women the right to vote. It fought a decisive battle and got voting rights in 1920.
  • The US Parliament decided in 1971 that August 26 would be celebrated as Women’s Equality Day. Since then, this day is being celebrated. This day is celebrated all over the world.

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What is the status of women’s voting in India?

  • The history of women’s voting in India is as much as the US. In 1921, during the British rule, Madras State first gave voting rights to women. In 1950, women started voting all over the country.
  • The Constitution of India mentions women’s voting rights in Article 326 of the Constitution. The voting percentage of women was 46.63% in the 1962 elections, while it increased to 67.2% in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
  • It is worth noting that in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the total voting in India was 67.4% and the voting percentage of women was just 0.2% less. In states like Bihar, UP, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Kerala, Uttarakhand and Goa, women had also overtaken men in voting.

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Why did America lag behind in making women leaders?

  • There have been women heads of state in India, Great Britain, Germany, Israel and Denmark. But so far no woman in America has got a chance to become head of state.
  • In 2016, Hillary Clinton had a tough fight with Donald Trump, but could not win. Even in the 2020 presidential elections, the possibility of America getting a female president is over.
  • If we talk about India, then 78 women MPs have reached Parliament by winning last year’s elections. It constitutes 14.58% representation in Parliament. We are ranked 20th in the world for women’s participation in Parliament.
  • In our house, the bill giving 33% reservation to women from Panchayat to Parliament has been passed in Rajya Sabha. For some reason or the other, this bill is not passed by the Lok Sabha.


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