World Chocolate Day
World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day is also called as International Chocolate Day and is celebrated on July 7 yearly. The day marks the international observance of celebrating the intro of chocolate to the native Europeans. Chocolate is a type of a special delighted in by millions around the world. According to reports, chocolate was as soon as considered a magnificent excellent by the Mayans and the Aztecs. Nevertheless, now it belongs of our life. Similarly, chocolate day is to appreciate the production of the delicacy which first started around this time in Europe. Learn more about the significance of chocolate in history-.

World Chocolate Day history

In a book named The True History of Chocolate penned by Sophie and Michael Coe, it is cited that the earliest possible evidence of human beings eating chocolate dates back to three to four millennia. During the pre-Columbian period, there are traces of Mesoamerica such as Olmec producing chocolate.

According to reports, in November 2007, anthropologists from the University of Pennsylvania earthenware found a pulp extract of cacao beans that dates back to 1400 B.C.E. The pulp extract was integrated with an alcohol to form a paste, which is evidence of chocolate usage, according to the University of Pennsylvania.

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According to reports, it is not precisely known when, but it is clear from the history books that chocolate was consumed much before the term ‘Chocolate’ was coined. Nevertheless, approximately 450 years back, Europeans promoted the consumption of the sometimes sweet, in some cases bitter special. The coining of the day was done this time that year, which is why World Chocolate Day is popular worldwide.

According to a report in the Smithsonian, pre-modern Latin America, cacao beans were valued as money or currency. It was traded for food, for tamale, and more as per a 16th-century file in the Aztec. Although chocolates have gotten the ‘patisserie and desert’ connection in contemporary history, the usage can be traced back to centuries and centuries based on reports.

By the year 1868, a small-time business which is now a chocolate giant was seen producing a non-bitter, sweeter version of the special. Followed by another pioneer Nestle. The consumption was stabilized from a divine, medical help to a common day, bite-sized food item. In the U.S.A., The Revolutionary War catapulted the food item into a day-to-day chomping item, as it was popular with the militaries. It was later introduced to the common man. Today, chocolate is a multi-billion-dollar industry worldwide.



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