Dominik Mysterio (Photo - Forbs)
Dominik Mysterio (Photo - Forbs)

Dominik Mysterio revealed well in his debut match against Seth Rollins at WWE SummerSlam 2020.

With Rey Mysterio in his corner, Dominik– who donned ring equipment comparable to that used by his legendary daddy in WCW– lost to Rollins in a lengthy Street Fight filled with turns and twists. Rollins trolled the Mysterio family by using an attire reminiscent of Rey Mysterio’s legendary gear from Halloween Havoc 1997.

At one point, Dominik’s mom and Rey Mysterio’s spouse Angie, tried to get involved.

Based on athleticism, ring equipment, selling and strength, Dominik Mysterio appeared right in the house in the deep end of the water against perhaps the best worker in WWE. Though Dominik did utilize his dependable kendo stick in parts of the match, he performed admirably as an overmatched, yet valiant, babyface trying to prove himself on his own. Mysterio used lots of high-flying relocations as part of his offense and scored multiple convincing nearfalls against Rollins.

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Much of the heavy lifting was already efficiently done leading into this match. Dating back to Mysterio’s Royal Rumble feud with Brock Lesnar, WWE has actually slow-played its intro of Dominik Mysterio to its audience in ways it does not have the persistence to do with other up-and-coming stars. In fact, both Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black were in similar roles of fighting for Mysterio’s honor, nevertheless both have actually since fallen by the wayside.

However in carefully constructing to a debut in the middle of a highly individual– though at-times silly– fight with Seth Rollins, WWE added meaning to a much-anticipate launching. Mysterio strolled into this match as a heavy underdog, both in storyline and on the sports books, so his main task was to show that he might at least come off like a WWE Superstar while competing versus a leading star.

Objective achieved. And as long as WWE continues to utilize Rey Mysterio in slowly transitioning Dominik into a full-time role, he has an extremely bright future as a WWE Superstar in an industry where nepotism is half the fight.


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