Cancer Quisinostat Drug Researchers have discovered a drug that will not allow a person to get cancer again ie cancer again.
Cancer Quisinostat Drug Researchers have discovered a drug that will not allow a person to get cancer again ie cancer again.

London. Cancer Quisinostat Drug: Cancer is a life-threatening disease that, once cured, remains at risk of recurrence. Actually, this is due to disturbances in the gene of the affected person and due to reduced immunity. But now researchers have discovered a drug that will not allow the person to get cancer again ie cancer again. Researchers have done this claim by studying mice.

According to researchers from Britain’s Francis Crick Institute, one of the biggest challenges in cancer research is to prevent cancer in patients who are already undergoing treatment. There are many cases in cancer patients in which the patient, once healed, falls into cancer again. He said that one of the reasons for this is that some cancer cells also survive in patients during treatment. These cells are able to develop into a new tumor. If such cells are missed during the removal of the tumor, after a few years they start raising their head again and make the patient sick. That is why doctors take extra precautions during the treatment of cancer patients.

The study, published in the journal Nature Communication, reported that a drug called quasinostat was found to be effective in preventing the re-growth of tumors after initial treatment in mice. Also, it can prevent the expansion of living cancer cells. Researchers reported that the drug works by increasing the amount of protein called histone H1.0 within tumor cells. They stated that this protein prevents the replication of cancer cells and prevents tumors from growing.

Stops the growth of cancer cells: When the team of researchers tested the drug on the tumor of mice, it found that it inhibited the growth of the tumor. In addition, when researchers tested the drug on cells taken from breast, lung and pancreatic cancer patients, they found that the cancer cells were trapped in a non-dividing state, meaning that their growth was stunted.

Researchers have hoped that if this drug proves effective in upcoming clinical trials, then this drug can be given to patients after treatment so that patients can be saved from life-threatening diseases like cancer. Please tell that every year, thousands of people die from cancer all over the world.

Breast cancer is dangerous: In another study, researchers had said that breast cancer is at the highest risk of getting cancer again. A weakness of immunity is one of the main reasons. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy also affect our immunity during treatment. On the other hand, some researchers estimate that the probability of cancer due to gene disturbance is about 70 percent.


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