Tens of thousands of people have started migrating to their homes by foreigners (laborers) living in Coroanvirus lockDown Delhi.
Tens of thousands of people have started migrating to their homes by foreigners (laborers) living in Coroanvirus lockDown Delhi.

New Delhi Coroanvirus, lockDown: After the lockdown, migration of laborers from dozen states including Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi has intensified. The situation is that in the event of bus-trains being closed, lakhs have left to travel hundreds of kilometers on foot. Workers from particular UP, Bihar, Jharkhand have embarked on their journey to their hometown. Thousands of people are walking on the streets on NH-24, Noida-Greater Noida Expressway near Delhi.

Workers set out for UP-Bihar on foot from Delhi
Thousands of people have started migrating to their homes on foot by the Pardesis (laborers) living in Delhi. Different herds were seen on the roads. Especially from Friday evening till night thousands of people were seen migrating towards UP-Bihar and Jharkhand.

Police is distributing food
Meanwhile, the Delhi Police was making every effort to stop these workers. In this episode, the police sent a rickshaw driver near Akshardham in Delhi, saying that he should go by bus. Rickshaw puller Panchu Mandal says that the police is not letting us go back to our home state by rickshaw. It is being said that they will be sent to their house by bus. At the same time, the police is also arranging to feed the laborers on the road.

People’s rally on the road amidst rain

At the same time, on Friday evening, there was a situation on the streets that 200-300 people were walking along. It included people of all age groups. Nobody knew how they would go home without any means. They were just walking on foot with luggage on their heads. The rain also did not stop his steps. Most of the trains to Uttar Pradesh run from Anand Vihar. In such a situation, the people who migrated from Delhi, passing through various routes, reached Anand Vihar bus base and NH-9 on foot.

The crowd seen on NH-9

Delhi-UP Gate on NH-9 was flooded. The police were also posted at the border, but even then they could not stop these people. The DTC buses plying in Delhi are for doctors, media persons, corporation and police personnel. The migrants tried to stop the buses, but the drivers stopped the buses and took the bus, stating their compulsion. Due to no other means available, they kept walking towards their homes on foot.

The migrant told that he had received information that bus service has started in Uttar Pradesh. Buses are operating from Kaushambi and Lalkuan bus stand. Work is closed, how will they stay so many days without work, so they are going to their homes. People did not get seats when the number of buses was low and the number of people was high. On not getting the bus, people proceeded on foot.

On the other hand, these people say that they do not have stock of other essential items including food and drink. There is not even much ration for the coming week to be cut. Therefore, they have taken whatever ration they have. He hoped that if there was any help along the way, he would get to his house even if he did not get it.

Originally hailing from Lucknow, Vineet along with many of his friends lived in Saidulazab village in Saket area and worked as a laborer here. Wife and children live in Lucknow. His employment has been shut down due to the lockdown. In such a situation, there is no remaining ration for a few more days. Vineet said that frequent calls are coming from home too. They are worried about us.

This is also the reason for migration

Actually, people feel that the lockdown may go ahead. In such a situation, people are worried about unemployment. At the same time, these people are also worrying that even if the landlords do not bother for the rent this month, how will they pay the rent from next month.

Rahul, a resident of Gorakhpur in UP, said that even though it would take five-six days to go on foot, the problem would be reduced once reached. At the same time, wife and children will not be worried about us. There is no public transport going on right now. Walking in this situation is helpless.

Sir, life will be cut under the shade of loved ones

Sunil Kumar, who works in a factory located in Badli industrial area, said that now living in big cities will cut lives by staying in the hands of his own people in the village. Sunil is originally from Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh. In the early hours of Friday, he left Delhi on his way to Gonda. He says that there are four other family members with him, all of whom had left their families and came here to earn a living. Pramod, who is going to the village with him, told that in this difficult situation his mother and father are alone in the house, there is no one to look after them. The factory owner gave a little money and asked that all of you go to your village when the situation is right then come.

In the present situation neither buses are running nor trains. Nobody is paying attention to us. People walking on foot worrying about their loved ones told that in this difficult time, the concern of family members living in the village is forcing us to walk. Most people have left here except their elderly parents. There is no one to take care of them at this time. The government should make arrangements to send us to our loved ones. People visited here are Rampur, Lucknow, Saharanpur, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Bijnor, Muzaffarnagar, Badaun, Azamgarh, Chandpur, Meerut, Bareilly, Bulandshahar, Etawah, Jaunpur, Amroha, Pilibhit, Sambhal etc.

According to Arun Kumar Mishra (District North Eastern District), I myself went to the Delhi-UP border on Friday. Those who were leaving Delhi explained that they would not have any problem in Delhi. From food to all, health facilities have been provided by the government. He said that he wants to go to his house and stay with his family, so he is leaving. Police has been ordered that those who are where they are should be allowed to stay there, let no one go except Delhi.

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