How many suspected patients of COVID-19, how many positive, how many recruitments, etc., will now give DPRO in Haryana.
How many suspected patients of COVID-19, how many positive, how many recruitments, etc., will now give DPRO in Haryana.

JNN, Chandigarh. In all districts of Haryana, District Information and Public Relations Officer (DPRO) will provide daily information about how many people suffering from corona are cured and how many are infected. Daily plan will also be given to newspapers for fruits – vegetables, currying or food profiling, so that it can be made available to the public.

Director of Information, Public Relations and Language Department PC Meena gave instructions in this regard. He said that apart from providing the right information to the people on the shoulders of the department due to the epidemic, it is also important to provide accurate and timely information about the relief work being done by the government and local administration. Through video conferencing, Meena instructed all district information and public relations officers that no DPRO should leave their headquarters.

Director of Information and Public Relations said that essential items like fruits, vegetables, food items and medicines are being provided by the district administration. It is very important to make their information accessible to the people. Social media and cable should be used optimally for dissemination of information. Every important information should be sent to every officer of the department in the district so that through various groups, this information reaches the common people immediately.

PC Meena said that every day information should be sent to the headquarters of the cities, villages and towns covered by the vehicles with which the profits are being made in the districts. All District Information and Public Relations Officers should ensure attendance of employees according to their requirements.

200 Red Cross volunteers in every district to fight against Corona

Haryana Governor Satyadev Narayan Arya informed President Ram Nath Kovind of the arrangements being made by the state government to protect against corona in the state. The Governor told the President that the Red Cross volunteers are collaborating shoulder to shoulder with the Haryana government. A team of at least two hundred volunteers have been prepared in each district, who are supporting the district administration according to the need.

President Ram Nath Kovind was holding a video conference with the governors on Friday. Haryana Governor Satyadev Narayan Arya told the President that Haryana is fully prepared to deal with this disaster. So far, 3206 isolation beds have been prepared in the state and 13 thousand people have facility to quarantine them. So far 19 people have been found suffering from corona disease in the state, which are being treated free of cost. In the state, 11 thousand people have been kept under surveillance.

The Governor informed the President that masks, hand sanitizers and medicines are being distributed by Haryana Red Cross Society in every district. Free ambulance service is available to bring poor patients to the hospital. Along with this, 12 thousand poor, homeless, destitute, laborers and other needy are getting dry rations and packed food every day with the help of self-help social organizations of Red Cross. Apart from this, 200 self-help teams have also been formed in each district, which are supporting the administration in every task.


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