According to Coronavirus The Guardian, 199 countries of the world are fighting the corona virus. Most countries in the world have resorted to or are under lockdown.
According to Coronavirus The Guardian, 199 countries of the world are fighting the corona virus. Most countries in the world have resorted to or are under lockdown.

new Delhi. Coronavirus: In cricket, it is said that every ball batsman has to play it again. Especially in Test matches, after a break at lunch, the batsman who has survived the break has to start afresh even if he has scored a double century. Maybe now something similar is going to happen to the world. According to The Guardian, 199 countries of the world are fighting the corona virus, with most countries of the world resorting to or taking lockdown. Inbound traffic has stopped along with international traffic. It seems that the whole world is on a break.

All major political, social and sports activities are at a standstill. Even known human history has ceased religious activities. If the Pope is not giving religious education in the Vatican, Mecca, the holiest place of Muslim religion, has been removed from the reach of religious travelers. Even small temples with elders of Hindus have been closed. Experts are now questioning whether the world will change after this break. Most of the answer is yes. Let us know how the picture of the world will change from that which we saw before the corona virus infection.

The world has changed after every major disaster

Social and moral understanding and principles change. In the year 1918, the Spanish flu spread and killed 50 million people worldwide. After that, the public health system developed in all European countries. According to The Guardian, in the year 2001, when the 9/11 attacks in America happened, the principle of personal freedom was reduced all over the world. Government agencies became powerful. You were given legal approval to monitor you 24 hours electronically. Security from the airport to the banks changed forever. Similarly, after the economic downturn of 2008, the entire world economic system changed. Private banks and institutions were tightened. Nodal institutions created for the stock market and banks in the world were strengthened and turned into entities that act with the regulator for violating the law. Very strict punishments were arranged on economic offenses.

The world will change about China

Be it US President Donald Trump or Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, all are calling the Corona virus a man-made virus of China. Some countries do not even believe this, then most believe that the negligence of China spread the infection. Common people are also opposing the food habits of the people of China. Even a liberal country like Britain is worried about this. There have been reports of racial attacks against Chinese citizens in 35 countries of the world. In such a situation, the image of China has probably changed forever in the world.

The theory of physical distance now forever

The rituals ranging from shaking hands to hugs to express harmony and love around the world were common before the corona virus spread. Whether in Europe or Saudi Arabia, everyone is following the theory of physical distance due to the corona virus. Experts believe that the theory of physical distance has been recognized in human history. It will continue till this point. Importantly, Indian tradition has always attached importance to the principle of physical distance.

Immigrants will now be strict

Whether in America or Britain, immigrants have been welcomed in all the western countries. Experts predict that now President Trump will get a chance to take strict action against immigrants in America. The Prime Minister of Poland has made such a declaration. Something similar can also be seen in Italy, Spain and France, which are severely affected by Corona.

Democratic rights will be weak

Many countries are affected by the rapid lockdown that China has taken and winning the fight against the Corona virus by taking strict steps. At the same time, countries with open social identity like Italy, Spain are turning into big tombs. In such a situation, experts fear that governments will take more power in their hands and democratic rights will be weak.

The condition of health services will improve

The way health services in America, including Europe, are finding themselves weak in fighting the corona virus, there is a lot of resentment among the people. People from all over the world are praising China’s health services on social media. In such a situation, experts hope that public health services will be strong all over the world.

The attitude will change towards tourists

Till before the corona virus infection, tourists were given great importance all over the world, they were considered as a major source of economic income. The infection of the virus spread mainly from tourists, so there is a possibility that now the tourists will hardly be welcome in the world.

Faith will be affected

Experts believe that the way the shrines have been closed and the big religious leaders have been infected or disappeared from public life due to the corona virus, it will also weaken the roots of religion. Especially in Western countries, where there are already a large number of religiously indifferent people.

The economy will change

The economy of the world has been very flexible, it has faced all the bad conditions till now. Whether it was the recession of the 1930s or the cold war or the bad situation of the 1990s. The global recession of 2008 was also suffered by the global economy. Experts believe that as Corona has brought the global economy to its knees, people associated with it must have learned a lot. We will see big changes soon.

Historical change in health services

In 1858, the Yellow Fever in America led to a change in health services. After 2001, countries started building a data base of foreigners, people in America have to undergo screening. In the 14th century, there was a mysterious death (black death) in Europe, during which people of other races were eliminated.

Western countries’ lifestyle will change

The open lifestyle of Western countries has affected the whole world. But the four pillars of the European lifestyle are Italy, France, Britain and Spain fighting Corona. Alcohol and restaurant culture-based lifestyle was attributed to the spread of Corona infection everywhere. Where 70 percent people drink alcohol in the bar and after the age of 15, anyone can drink alcohol. Also, the restaurant collectively has food-eating culture. Experts believe that there may be no more openness and society will change itself.


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