There is a glimpse of India in the American plan to provide financial assistance to the public, due to which India is also seen in the plan to support the economy.
There is a glimpse of India in the American plan to provide financial assistance to the public, due to which India is also seen in the plan to support the economy.

New Delhi. Amidst the Corona epidemic, there is uncertainty about the global economy. Every country is trying to overcome its problem, while India has shown leadership ability. At a time when the hands of countries like Britain, France, Italy and Germany are trembling and America has raised their hands saying that if the situation worsens, 2 million Americans can also die.

At such a time, due to a bold decision like a 21-day nationwide lockdown, India has so far stood at a place where the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is expressing optimistic confidence. The council is saying that the situation will not be allowed to deteriorate if the people are fully supported, while India has shown leadership in its plans to support the social situation and economy in this bad phase.

PM Modi initiated

It was at the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the meeting of the G-7 and then the G-20 countries revealed that we should collectively deal with this disaster and look at human values ​​first. When it came to helping the poor within the country, India took the initiative. A Rs 1.70 lakh crore relief scheme was announced by the Modi government. On its second day, the Trump government in the US also announced a two trillion dollar plan which may look much larger than India in size. This difference is inevitable in the difference between the economies of the two countries, but in terms of thinking, the thinking of Modi is reflected in Trump’s announcement.

India is also reflected in American plan

Trump has also talked about direct transfer, the foundation of which Modi laid for the first time in 2014 with the formation of the government. It can be said that a far-reaching structure was created in India through Jan Dhan Account, Aadhaar and Mobile, through which the way of providing direct and immediate help to the people was ready. In the US package, the person who earns $ 75 thousand a year will be transferred directly into the account of $ 1200. If the earning of the husband and wife is less than one and a half million dollars, then they will get help of $ 2,400. $ 500 will also be given per child.

All this will be linked to the social security number and will be decided on the basis of their income tax returns and income, while in India, Rs 20 crores will be deposited in women’s 20 crore Jan Dhan account for three months. There is a provision to increase the daily wages of MNREGA laborers by 20 rupees, thousand rupees in the account of three crore senior citizens, widows, Divyang, and two thousand rupees in the account of about nine crore farmers. This help will be directly delivered to the bank due to Aadhaar and Jan Dhan account. A big human thinking has been shown about the doctors and nurses who are directly fighting the war against Corona.

An insurance of Rs 50 lakh has been arranged for them. The immediate response of the Indian Embassy officials in the US was that the Trump government has come up with a plan on the lines of India. On the initiative of the government, the Reserve Bank has also given relief to EMI, loan interest rate to the middle class and preparations have been started to save the economy by giving relief to the industry and fighting the corona. UNCTAD has predicted that India and China will be able to save their economy.


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