Coronavirus China reported 45 new cases on Saturday, while 5 people also died.
Coronavirus China reported 45 new cases on Saturday, while 5 people also died.

Beijing, Pret. Coronavirus, corona virus cases in China are on the rise again. In China, 45 new cases were reported on Saturday, while 5 people also died. In China, the death rate due to Corona virus has reached 3300. China’s health officials gave information about this.

The country’s National Health Commission (NHC) on Saturday confirmed new cases of corona in Henan province. Five deaths in China have been reported in Hubei province, bringing the death toll to 3,300. The National Health Commission (NHC) said that with 44 new foreign cases, the total number of foreign cases has reached 693 here.

Virus recovered in some patients who have been cured in China

Amid growing cases of corona, another disturbing issue has emerged. The virus has been found again in three to 10 percent of patients who have been cured of a corona infection in a hospital in China. However, no evidence has been found that such people can spread the infection again. The first case of corona was reported in Wuhan city of China. So far, more than 90 percent people have been sent home after treatment.

Doctors at Tongji Hospital here say that a sample of 147 of the cured patients was tested again. The test of five patients was found positive again. The doctors gave this information on the government TV channel CCTV. Wang Wei, president of the hospital, said that the patients who have again confirmed the virus did not show any symptoms. Neither has the virus been found in his family or anyone close to him. Therefore, it cannot be said now whether people who have got the virus again can spread the infection. Wang Wei also says that only a small number of people have been re-examined. No final result can be reached with such a small sample.


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