CoronaVirus death in UP In the country's most populous state Uttar Pradesh, two people died on Wednesday due to corona virus infection.
CoronaVirus death in UP In the country's most populous state Uttar Pradesh, two people died on Wednesday due to corona virus infection.

Lucknow, JNN. The corona virus is now showing its color in the third stage. In the country’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh, two people died on Wednesday due to corona virus infection. The youth of Basti succumbed at the BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur and the elderly breathed his last in Meerut.

There are still 116 people in Corona virus positive in Uttar Pradesh and about four hundred people are suspected. The deepening infection of this deadly virus made two people a victim today. The 25-year-old youth of Basti succumbed at BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur. Today its report came positive from King George Medical University. This is the first case in the country of death due to corona at such a young age. Earlier in Bihar, a 38-year-old man was killed by Corona. Until now, it was believed that the greatest risk of corona virus was in the elderly, patients with respiratory disease, kidney patients or people with poor immunity.

A 72-year-old corona virus-infected elderly admitted to Meerut Medical College died. The infected person who died was the father-in-law of a Corona-infected youth from Amravati, Maharashtra. The report of this young man who came from his in-laws came positive on 27 March. The next day, his wife and two brothers of his wife also became positive. After this, Sasus was also hit by the corona virus. All have been admitted to Meerut Medical College. Where today, a 73-year-old man died. The condition of a young man belonging to this family has become critical.

CMO Rajkumar has confirmed the death of the elder. With this, the condition of two people admitted in Lucknow and Meerut has also become critical. The condition of the infected admitted in Korana ward of Meerut Medical College is said to be very serious. This young man came from Amravati, Maharashtra to his in-laws Meerut. The 16 people who came in contact with it have also been confirmed to Korana.

Principal of Meerut Medical College, Professor RC Gupta said that the deceased was the father-in-law of the first infected Meerut. The deceased was 72 years old. He was admitted on 29 March. He has since been put on oxygen. His health started deteriorating late on Tuesday night, which doctors reported. He was placed on a ventilator. Prof Gupta said that there was some risk factor with this patient. He also had sugar and was also old. Around eight o’clock on Wednesday morning, his condition worsened. Abdul Ahmed died around 11 am. He informed that after the death of the corona virus infected patient, his funeral will be done as per the prescribed guidelines. Action has been started in this regard. His body is being packed in three layers. Also, other protocols are also being followed. He said that the deceased’s son-in-law has spread the infection to many people.

A corona victim in Meerut was admitted to the corona ward in the elderly medical college. At the same time, the condition of the victim, Corona resident of Khurja who returned from Amravati, remains critical. The ventilator has been shifted after it became worse late at night. The elder who died was the father-in-law of the Corona victim, a resident of Khurja. 13 cases of corona have been found in Meerut. 11 of which belong to the same family. This is the first death from Corona in Meerut and second in the state. Earlier one death has been done in Gorakhpur. After the death of the corona victim in Meerut, there was a stir in the health department from Meerut to Lucknow. Medical efforts are on to rescue the Khurja resident Corona victim.

The youth of the township died in Baba Raghav Das Medical on Monday. This is the first death of a corona positive in the state. This is the first case of death in the country at such a young age. According to Dr. Sudhir Singh, media in-charge of KGMU Lucknow, the sample that came from Gorakhpur has got positive in the investigation. The investigation in Gorakhpur was also correct. Cross check was to be done from KGMU. The case was also found correct in this.

The young man who died was a resident of Turkahia locality in Basti district. He was 25 years old and ran a grocery shop. He has not been able to find any travel history for the last three-four months, but generally he was staying ill. He was undergoing treatment at the BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur. The lab of BRD Medical College had already confirmed the corona in it. The youth died on Monday, but the BRD Medical College sent the sample to KGMU to be re-examined. Today, Karuna was confirmed again in the youth after a re-examination at KGMU.

This suspect of Corona virus infection was admitted last Sunday at BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur. Its sample was sent for investigation on Tuesday. Today, KGMU had declared positive in its report. Basti’s youth was admitted to the Medical College on Sunday with complaints of breathlessness. First admitted to medicine ward. Later, he was brought to the ICU of the Trauma Center on health deteriorating. He died there on Monday. The doctors took a sample of his saliva and sent it to the lab to check for corona infection on the basis of suspicion. The investigation report here came suspicious. He was sent to King George’s Medical University (KGMU) for re-examination. There has been a stir in the medical college due to the report being positive in the investigation conducted there. Two doctors under the supervision of the patient Two staff nurses and two ward boys were engaged. They have been isolated immediately. Two lab technicians sampling the patient’s saliva without a personal safety kit have also been isolated in the hostel.

Family and doctors were quarantined

The youth was admitted to BRD Medical College on Sunday. He was not previously held in the Corona ward. She was shifted to Corona ward when symptoms showed. The 12 doctors who treated him have also been quarantined. Principal Dr. Ganesh Kumar said that the report has come positive. Full care is being taken. Each doctor and paramedical staff is being provided with a safety kit as per protocol. The entire ward, ICU and the sidewalks through which the side walls have been disengaged. Now instructions have been issued to take full care in seeing new patients coming here.

Was ill for two months

Family and neighbors say he was ill for two months. During this time, two doctors of Mohal Le treated him. In the absence of improvement in health, one of the doctors sent him to Basti district hospital. The condition worsened and he was taken to BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur on Sunday where he died at eight o’clock on Monday morning. When he was brought to Gorakhpur Medical College on Sunday, he was first seen in the Trauma Center. From here, ward number 14 of Medicine Department was sent. Doctors sent him to Corona ward when his health deteriorated on Sunday night. Presently, doctors and staff who have been treated from Gorakhpur to Basti have been sent in isolation. He was employed as a serviceman in the Jamaat in the township itself. He studied Hafiz. His marriage was fixed three months ago. Preparations are also underway to quarantine his locality.

Corona positive elderly woman’s condition worsens in Lucknow, shift in ICU

The condition of an elderly woman who received corona virus infection from her daughter-in-law returned from Canada worsened on Tuesday. The corona-infected woman admitted to the isolation ward of the Army Base Hospital in Lucknow was shifted from the ward to the ICU. Three members of his family were also sent to the quarantine. Older daughter-in-law came from Canada. The daughter-in-law was admitted to KGMU when Corona was confirmed. Meanwhile, the 73-year-old woman’s health also deteriorated after her daughter-in-law came into contact. The woman was admitted to the isolation ward of the base hospital on 28 March. His first report was negative, while the second report from Pune turned out to be positive. His health suddenly worsened on Tuesday. Defense Ministry spokeswoman Gargi Malik Sinha said that the woman has just been shifted to the ICU. Samples have also been sent to Pune for examination if symptoms are found in another patient admitted to the Command Hospital.

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