Nizamuddin Corona cases LIVE Updates A case has been registered against Maulana Saad Dr. Zeeshan Mufti Shehzad M. Saifi Yunus Mohammad Ashraf and Mohammad Salman.
Nizamuddin Corona cases LIVE Updates A case has been registered against Maulana Saad Dr. Zeeshan Mufti Shehzad M. Saifi Yunus Mohammad Ashraf and Mohammad Salman.

New Delhi, More than 2100 people staying in Hazrat Nizamuddin area of ​​South Delhi have been evacuated after nearly 5 days of action. According to the news agency ANI, the evacuation process continued for 5 consecutive days and all the people were evacuated by 3:30 pm on Wednesday. Simultaneously, a case has been registered against Mohammad Ashraf, Maulana Saad, Dr. Zeeshan, Mufti Shehzad, M. Saifi, Yunus and Mohammad Salman.

Most of them have been quarantined, while many have also been admitted to the hospital based on symptoms. Blood samples will be taken in the link of all these tests, so that it can be known how many people have come due to corona virus infection.

Nizamuddin Corona cases live updates:

Let me tell you that the management of Tablighi Markaz has defended himself for the gathering of hundreds of people. He argued that he was stuck in the capital due to the demise of the entire country including Delhi.

At the same time, people staying in Tablighi Markaz are being taken to various hospitals in Delhi for health checkup. According to police and health department officials, the way they were living together in such large numbers, there is a high probability of corona virus infection among these people.

The search for those who came in contact with the people who stayed in Tablighi Markaz, Nizamuddin has also intensified. According to the information received, Delhi Police has stepped up the exercise to identify these people through CCTV footage, photographs and videos in mobile phones.

Also, activities going on in the entire area are being monitored through drones. This led to a continuation of quarantine and hospitalization of people staying in Markaj throughout the day on Tuesday after an operation that went on all night on Monday.

Simultaneously, the district administration along with Delhi Police and the Delhi government and the central government health department have also camped here.

Earlier on Monday, entire night and full day on Tuesday, people were flown in various DTC buses to various hospitals. Meanwhile, people with no symptoms of corona were rushed to the quarantine center.

Police-administration officials worked hard relief and evacuated about one thousand people remaining in Markaz.

The government has also become cautious after 24 of them in Tablighi Markaz were found to be Corona positive.

The police have also obtained video clips made during the program in Markaj from the mobiles of the Jamaites. They are trying to identify those people who had left before the lockdown.

It is being told that 2100 foreign members had come to India since January 1 to join the Tablighi Markad Jamaat. Along with this, he also participated in the activities of various states of India.

At the same time, the Home Ministry has also decided not to issue tourist visas to foreigners joining the Jamaat anymore.

Foreigners who join Markaz, mostly religious preachers, may face a case of violation of visa rules. All of them came to India with a tourist visa. While propagating religion is a violation of visa rules.


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