Countries around the world have imposed different rules for their lockdown to fight coronavirus. Somewhere there is a restriction on speaking the word, while somewhere, out of the house, ad-even is applicable.
Countries around the world have imposed different rules for their lockdown to fight coronavirus. Somewhere there is a restriction on speaking the word, while somewhere, out of the house, ad-even is applicable.

New Delhi, online desk. All the countries of the world are finding a way to escape the havoc of Corona these days. According to the World Health Organization’s guide line, he wants to overcome this infectious disease. Keeping this in mind, all kinds of rules and laws are being made by the governments of that country. Some countries are imposing fines and the Prime Minister of any country has issued orders to shoot even sternly. Local media are covering such news prominently. Through this news, we are telling you that in some countries of the world different rules and laws imposed during the lockdown.


The strictest order to follow the lockdown The President of the Philippines President of the Philippines (Philippine President) Rodrigo Duterte has issued a strict warning to those who violate the lockdown. He has instructed the army and police to shoot those who inflict the lives of others.
President Rodrigo Duterte has taken this stern stand after people have not complied with the lockdown and reports of mistreatment by health workers. He warned those violating the lockdown that it is necessary for all to follow the rules of lockdown and quarantine. Creating problems in lockdown and misbehaving with medical staff is a serious offense that cannot be tolerated. He said that those who endanger the lives of others should be shot.


The government of Thailand has imposed a curfew from Friday to implement the lockdown. Instructions have been issued by the Prime Minister to implement it here from Friday. In this directive, he said that these steps are being taken to stop the corona virus and all have to follow it.


The lockdown in this country of Central America is slightly different than any other country. Here the lockdown is announced on the basis of gender. Panama has a lockdown but people can go out to shop for essentials, but there are gender-based conditions for that. For example, some days of the week are set here for women and some days for men. Women can walk out of the house for two hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For men, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are fixed, while on Sunday there is a ban on the exit of anyone.


Columbia also has a different rule for people to go out for essentials during lockdown. Exits are allowed here on the basis of the number of odd and even numbers received as National ID. Here in some towns people are allowed to exit based on the last number inscribed on their National ID. For example, citizens of Bairankabremeja whose ID number ends at 0,4,7 can go shopping on Monday. Those whose ID is 1,5,8 last number can leave for shopping on Tuesday. In the coming times, it is possible that the same rule can be seen in Bolivia.


This country has taken a completely different step to deal with the corona virus epidemic. The term corona virus has been banned in this country. According to the news of the Turkmenistan Chronicle, the government has removed the term itself from its health information brochures. According to journalists working at Radio Ajtalike, anyone in the country who talks about the Corona virus or is seen walking around wearing a mask can be arrested. Officials say that not a single case of Kovid-19 has been reported so far while it borders Iran, one of the most affected countries in the world.


The rule in Serbia is completely different. There is also a time schedule for pets to move outside in the house. In order to avoid crowds of people, ‘Dog-Walking Hour’ has been implemented in Serbia. In which the time from 8 o’clock to 9 o’clock was fixed for walking the dogs. When this rule was opposed, the government withdrew it.

In fact, a vet had said that if dogs are not taken for a walk in the evening, then many diseases will arise in them. Especially problems related to urin. Due to this, the people living in the houses in which they are living will also increase the risk of infection. Because of this this thing was started but later it was withdrawn.


So far 4500 corona-infected patients have been confirmed in Sweden. The government hopes that people will show understanding and take the right steps. Since last Sunday, the gathering of more than 50 people is banned. Schools for children under 16 are also open. Pubs and restaurants are still providing table service and many people are still socializing, like they used to do before. Social distancing and lockdown have not been introduced here.


There is a partial lockdown in this country. A few days ago, the Malaysian government issued an order stating that women working from home should be grooming, during this time they should not satirize their husbands and harass them. This poster of the government received a lot of criticism, after which the government had to apologize for its advice. The government lifted it after heavy protests on social media.


Austria has made it mandatory to wear masks in the supermarket. Although it has become common to see people walking around wearing masks in the last few weeks, Austria is the fourth country in the world which has made it mandatory to wear masks in public places. Earlier, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Herzegovina have made it mandatory here. Lockdown is not applicable here, but instructions have already been issued to take precautions.

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